Millions of people around the world are motivated to build a business. Whether the goal is to create a world-changing product, become a billionaire, or both – all these entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They want to achieve success.

Every successful business is the product of the same equation: a compelling idea in a viable market, with an actionable and effectively executed business plan. And there’s one more all-important element; adequate funding. Funding is what multiplies all the other factors of the entrepreneurial equation. Without it, potentially world-beating businesses become just another idea that never really got off the ground.

So where does the money come from?
Who provides the early stage or ‘seed’ finance that every new venture needs to get established and prove its worth? If you happened to live in Silicon Valley or New York – like the founders of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, or AirBnB – then you’re in luck. There are a dozen or more cashed-up venture capital companies just around the corner, who are actively looking to invest in businesses like yours. If you’re in the right place, early stage investment is available to strong new ventures.

But if you happen to live anywhere else – even in innovation hotspots like Oxford, Singapore or Rio de Janeiro – the road to funding is much, much harder to travel. Outside of the powerhouses of Silicon Valley, New York, Shanghai and Shenzhen, access to adequate funding is virtually a pipedream. Some countries have government innovation schemes in place, but these typically only contribute a fraction of the necessary capital. That means countless potentially world-beating new ventures are going begging every year. All with an incalculable loss to the global economy, and to the people those projects might have benefited.

The Dacxi Chain is changing all that.
The Dacxi Chain is the first global tokenized crowdfunding system – and it’s a world-beating idea itself. Using blockchain and tokenization technology, it will open the door to a whole world of investment funding. Connecting brilliant entrepreneurs with keen investors – no matter where either of them happen to live.

The Dacxi Chain has been called the ‘democratization of venture capital’.
This is because it introduces a never-before-seen level of equality to early stage investment. And not just for entrepreneurs; for investors, too.

Currently the ability to invest in high-potential new ventures is restricted to the ultra-wealthy. To those who move in the right circles, or ‘accredited investors’ who are qualified to spend on speculative ventures. Right now, these are the only people who benefit from the hypergrowth in value of successful new ventures. Everyday investors barely get a look-in.

The Dacxi Chain takes that old model and turns it on its head.
By creating a genuinely global equity crowdfunding platform, the Dacxi Chain unlocks the ability for anyone to invest in a new venture they feel has potential – no matter who they are, or where they live. It multiplies the number of potential investors – and the funding pool – many thousand-fold.

The Dacxi Chain uses tokenization to create digital versions of company shares, which can be easily and quickly bought and sold securely online. Investors can choose to purchase any amount – even a tiny fraction. That opens the door to millions more people all over the world, who now have the financial ability to participate at a level that works for them.

It’s a win for entrepreneurs and a win for investors.
Over the next decade, the Dacxi Chain will give rise to a new, more active and better-funded venture market. In doing so, it will produce projects to rival anything that we’ve seen come out of Silicon Valley or Shanghai.

So, entrepreneurs of the world? Go ahead and dream big. With the Dacxi Chain, anything is possible.

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