The Dacxi Chain development timeline.

  • Work began building the world’s first global network of licensed crypto-investment and crowdfunding platforms
  • A development team was assembled – with experience pioneering crypto-exchange networks, wallet technology, tokenization, node management, matching engine, exchange liquidity, and crypto-payments processing
  • Dacxi launched Dacxi Coin; the company’s first tokenization project/smart contract created on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Dacxi staged its first global TGE [Token Generation Event] using an in-house deal creation platform
  • The Dacxi Chain development team rewrote all code to create a global network of blockchain-based investment platforms
  • The Dacxi Chain’s first investment launched
  • Internal custody solutions were implemented
  • Dacxi met and complied with regulators in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Gibraltar
  • A second platform featuring different currencies was launched within the Dacxi Chain network – linking investors under one ecosystem
  • Multiple KYC, AML, security solutions, and security audits were undertaken
  • Three more tokens were created on Ethereum and internally launched on the Dacxi Chain platform network
  • Dacxi achieved compliance with financial markets regulators in the UK, Malta, Estonia and New Zealand
  • Dacxi’s security was fully audited by an external party
  • The platform’s blockchain transaction monitoring began
  • The Dacxi blockchain met with travel Rule compliance
  • The Dacxi Chain created links to multiple external cryptocurrency liquidity exchanges
  • Work continued to pioneer internal management systems – including illiquid tokens and global access to internal secondary markets
  • The Dacxi Chain’s pioneer network of partners will be built
  • Companies will begin to receive crowdfunding through the Dacxi Chain
  • The system’s core solution will be proven through multiple deals
  • The equivalent of a large ECF investor pool will be created
  • Dacxi Blockchain [DB] will be launched
  • Dacxi Coin will be migrated to DB
  • A Global Secondary Market will be launched
  • The Dacxi Chain’s USA programme will be released
  • The Dacxi Chain will continue to build momentum and scale
  • Licensee Partners will be able to compete with VCs
  • The focus will be on launching Dacxi Blockchain-based solutions for:
    1. Investor verification [KYC/KYB] where investor details are secured and transmitted for shareholder registry in one central database
    2. Equity custody for verified escrowed assets producing a trustless token-backed asset solution
    3. Tokenized custody which will hold thousands of global low-liquidity tokenized assets within a custom system
    4. An investor register that can be automatically updated with verified investor details