Dacxi Chain development timeline.

Pre-Launch Stage – Concept development, R&D, launch and list Dacxi Coin, Prototype and validate the Transaction Layer

  • Potential to leverage blockchain to globalise crowdfunding identified at first-ever Token Summit (in NYC) http://tokensummit.com/token-summit-i-new-york-may-25-2017
  • Successful token launch (Dacxi Coin). The first iteration of core technologies and processes including blockchain integration, custody (secure digital wallets), secondary market, integrations with liquidity providers…
  • Industry and requirements research
  • Development of prototype technical capabilities

Building Transaction Layer

  • Crypto payments
  • Share Tokenization
  • KYC
  • Digital Wallets
  • Custody
  • Smart Contracts for atomic swaps
  • Managing illiquid assets (not Bitcoin)
    – it’s like Dacxi Coin today
  • Secondary Exchange transactions
  • Ecosystem Security
  • Internationalisation
  • Regulatory
  • Multiple exchange listings of Dacxi Coin
  • Tokenized securities are almost universally understood and accepted
  • Revised decentralised network model conceptualised
  • Decentralised business model embedded into the financial model and platform prototype

Stage 1 – Proving the Application Layer

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) documented
  • MPV build complete
  • Engage with foundation partner candidates
  • Foundation partners secured
  • Foundation partner integrations
  • Platform global release
  • First Deal Announced
  • First Deal goes live
  • First Deal closed
  • Additional platform partners secured
  • Deal flow across the network commence

Stage 2 – sign the second wave of partners, establish regular deal flow, and launch: tokenization and custody.

Stage 3 – further grow the network and deal flow, further expand the global coverage, develop and release Application Layer V2.0, Transaction Layer V2.0, open up new demand sources.

Stage 4 – Network has scale, deal flow strong and still growing, develop and launch: Blockchain Layer V1.0, Application Layer V3.0, Transaction Layer V3.0, secondary market.

  • Dacxi Blockchain [DB] will be launched
  • Dacxi Coin will be migrated to DB
  • A Global Secondary Market will be launched
  • The Dacxi Chain’s USA programme will be released
  • The Dacxi Chain will continue to build momentum and scale
  • Licensee Partners will be able to compete with VCs
  • The focus will be on launching Dacxi Blockchain-based solutions for:
    1. Investor verification [KYC/KYB] where investor details are secured and transmitted for shareholder registry in one central database
    2. Equity custody for verified escrowed assets producing a trustless token-backed asset solution
    3. Tokenized custody which will hold thousands of global low-liquidity tokenized assets within a custom system
    4. An investor register that can be automatically updated with verified investor details