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Our Logo

Our Logo

The Dacxi Chain logo is made up of an acronym and a noun to complete the wordmark. Dacxi, standing for Digital Assets, Community, Exchange, International.

Primary Logo
Colour logo on a light background
Colour logo on a dark background
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Black logo
White logo
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Minimum Logo Size
100px wide
Incorrect Usage
Do not change the Dacxi Chain colours
Do not use transparencies
Do not use drop shadows
Do not create a new logotype layout
Do not separate the logotype
Do not obscure the logo
Do not outline the logo
Do not skew the logo

Please don't alter the Dacxi Chain logo in any way.

Don't display the logo in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by Dacxi Chain of your product, service, or business.

Don't use the logo as part of your own product business, or services's name.

Primary Colour

Foundation Blue
HEX #000032
R0 G0 B50

Primary Colour

Electric Purple
HEX #aa69ff
R170 G105 B255

Support Colour

R221 G226 B227

The Dacxi Chain logo has one primary color and one accent color; Foundation Blue (used for the logotype, Dacxi) and Electric Purple (used for the logotype, Chain).


H1 - Hero Title or Display

Public Sans Extra Light

H2 - Heading

Public Sans Black

H3 - Heading

Public Sans Bold

H4 - Heading

Public Sans Light

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The fine print

Just a friendly legal reminder that Dacxi’s graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Please direct Press Inquiries to pr@dacxichain.com