Building the Future of Global Equity Crowdfunding

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Unleashing Crowdfunding’s Potential

Dacxi Chain harnesses blockchain technology to equip our crowdfunding partners for global success.

We’re constructing a worldwide nexus, where innovative projects and eager investors connect. So we can create a world where investment knows no
bounds, and every vision gets its stage.

We’re reshaping the future of crowdfunding, and we want you to join us.


From Vision to Reality

In May 2017, at the inaugural Token Summit in vibrant New York City, our founders were struck by a groundbreaking idea.

What if we could use blockchain technology to break down equity funding’s biggest barriers?

Until now, equity crowdfunding has always been highly fragmented – its vast potential limited by geographical boundaries.

The Dacxi Chain changes that. It uses blockchain’s unique qualities to build a globally unified crowdfunding ecosystem. Our crowdfunding partners simply plug into the Dacxi Chain network, and gain access to the tools they need to take innovation global.

Driven by 40 global tech and blockchain experts, we’ve transformed this vision into a reality. And in June 2023, we didn’t just launch a platform. We ignited a movement. Uniting innovators and investors like never before, and changing crowdfunding for good.

The Challenge & Our Solution

Meet the Team

Our 40-member squad is the pulse of Dacxi Chain. Diverse in expertise but united in purpose, we’re a dynamic blend of blockchain aficionados, fintech experts, and global business strategists


Driven Employees


Global Offices


Engaged Community Members

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What We Bring to the Table


Pioneering tech with global implications. We're more than a platform; we're a worldwide equity crowdfunding revolution.


We don’t disrupt; we amplify. Our solutions are tailored to enhance existing financial ecosystems, ensuring global standard compliance and top-notch


No more geographical borders. Our global network brings democratized investment opportunities to everyone, everywhere.


With blockchain as our backbone, we're committed to delivering accessible, effective, and seamless solutions.

Our Partnerships

Each collaboration marks a significant stride in our journey. Our partners are how we expand our reach, and cement our place in the crowdfunding landscape.

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