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A new crowdfunding era is here.Make sure your platform is part of it.

Introducing Dacxi Chain; the world’s first global equity crowdfunding network.

Our trailblazing network connects investors and businesses on a whole new level. Empowering your crowdfunding platform to reach unprecedented scale, and transformative growth.

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Unleash your platform’s potential with Dacxi Chain

Our ecosystem uses the power of blockchain technology to supercharge your crowdfunding platform’s reach and scalability.

Grow your audience

Expand your reach, access a worldwide investor pool, and showcase your deals to untapped markets.

Stay safe and secure

Enjoy a robust and decentralized network, reinforced with state-of-the-art security measures.

Integrate seamlessly

Effortlessly merge our API with your existing platform, simplifying processes and catalyzing growth.

Unlock cross-border transfers

Enable swift, cost-efficient, secure cross-border transfers, with Dacxi Coin; our unique global payment solution.

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Dacxi Chain’s architecture: How we’re revolutionizing equity crowdfunding

Dacxi Chain is driven by blockchain technology. It seamlessly connects local crowdfunding platforms, facilitates secure tokenization of deals, and streamlines cross-border transactions. Here’s how it works.

Application Layer

This is the dynamic hub where deals are launched and managed – and where investors can access a plethora of opportunities across numerous languages and countries.

Transaction Layer

This is the secure domain for managing and executing investments. It features advanced systems for deal tokenization, equity backing security, and global crypto-payment processing.

Blockchain Layer

The bedrock of Dacxi Chain, the blockchain layer guarantees secure, verifiable ownership of equity tokens, cryptocurrencies, transactions, and more.


Journey through the Dacxi Chain roadmap

Discover where our journey has taken us so far, and where Dacxi Chain is heading in future.

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Plug your platform into our global network

Easily link your platform to Dacxi Chain using our innovative APIs and Dacxi Chain Pipes – harnessing the strength of a highly secure, globally interconnected network.

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Enhance liquidity through tokenization

Tokenization is the process of creating digital versions of real-world assets, and it’s the future of investing. With Dacxi Chain, you can offer investors access to tokenized deals and shares. Tackling liquidity issues, empowering investors to trade on secondary markets, and powering-up your crowdfunding potential.

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Scale up with control

With Dacxi Chain it’s your business, your rules. We equip you with the tools, and you set the pace – using our powerful suite of APIs to maintain full control over your platform as you scale. So you can reap the rewards of our globally interconnected network, while keeping your crowd engaged on a local level.

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By joining the Dacxi Chain network, eCF platforms can access a larger, global pool of registered investors for their own deals, while also offer a larger and more diverse catalogue of investment opportunities through which to attract more investors of their own. And it costs nothing to join.
Security is a top priority for Dacxi Chain. Our in-house Product and Technology team implements gold standard encryption and cybersecurity measures to ensure the safety of all transactions and confidentiality of data.
Joining is free. Dacxi Chain. Dacxi Chain operates on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model, and without any joining, access or activity fees. Dacxi Chain generates fees only on funding that it secures for each deal, and these fees apply only to funds sourced from investors other than each platform’s own crowd. So there is no upfront or ongoing cost for Dacxi Chain, the only fee is a small percentage of funds raised via the network (that would have otherwise not been raised).
A decentralized solution, like Dacxi Chain, allows individual eCF platforms to retain their autonomy while benefiting from being part of a larger global network. Centralized solutions typically involve a dominant entity controlling operations, which can limit individual platform flexibility. With Dacxi Chain, the network operates the network.
Absolutely. Joining Dacxi Chain doesn't take away an eCF platform's autonomy. Every platform plugged into the Dacxi Chain network continue to source deals of their choice, build their investor community however they choose, and negotiate terms as they see fit. Dacxi Chain simply offers a simple, non disruptive path to significantly growing their business.
Dacxi Chain offers comprehensive onboarding support, training, and technical assistance to all eCF platforms joining the network. Our dedicated support team ensures a seamless integration process.
Dacxi Chain is only available to licenced eCF platforms operating regulated markets.This ensures that every platform, every deal and every investor meets regulatory standards. Platforms must be licenced, deals must be vetted and investors must be verified.
Dacxi Chain provides tools and guidelines for eCF platforms to present their deals. Participating platforms retain control over how their deals are represented, ensuring they align with their brand and messaging. Partners can also accept and reject deals from other platforms to ensure they avoid potential issues promoting deals that might be directly competitive with one of their own deals.

You already know the power of the crowd.Now discover the power of a global crowdfunding network.

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