The cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain.

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Ben McGann, Dacxi’s Chief Marketing Officer, talks about the company’s native cryptocurrency Dacxi Coin and its place in powering the Dacxi Chain ecosystem.

The Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized crowdfunding system.

Using blockchain and tokenization technology, the Dacxi Chain creates digital versions of company shares – which can be simply and safely bought and sold by anyone, anywhere, any time.

The Dacxi Chain will revolutionize the funding of early stage companies, drive hyper-growth and innovation, and change the world.

And it’s powered by Dacxi Coin.

Dacxi coin's use cases

Transaction Currency

To move investment payments simpler and faster globally.

Community Currency

To power the investor community globally.

Blockchain Currency

To pay blockchain fees, node staking and governance.

Exchange Currency

To allow global trading on a secondary market.

In 2021, Early Stage Funding sectors grew by 80% to US 230bn.

However, 98% of this growth was dominated by Venture Capital.
This means entrepreneurs are losing strategic control of their companies.
And Retail Investors are losing out on the deals of a lifetime.

Equity Crowdfunding promised to provide the solution.
But the current system is broken.

How it works

How crowdfunding works today…

Lack of connection

There’s no simple unified platform where entrepreneurs and investors can easily connect.

Lack of due diligence

There’s no way to perform due diligence, leading to low levels of confidence in deals.

Lack of globalisation

Opportunities are highly localized and restricted by geographical boundaries.

Lack of scale

There simply aren’t enough deals on the table, and there’s not enough funding to go round.

How crowdfunding works with the Dacxi Chain…


Entrepreneurs will have the power to connect with the right investors under one simple system.

Strong due diligence

The Dacxi Chain’s unique due diligence system will allow for greater deal confidence.

True globalisation

Tokenization will break down geographical barriers and allow anyone, anywhere to invest.

Massive scale

Hundreds of thousands of deals will be matched with millions of investors across the world.

Dacxi Coin is the key that will unlock the world’s innovation potential.

Dacxi expects tens of billions of deals to operate across the Dacxi Chain ecosystem.
And every last one will be paid in Dacxi Coin.

This means Dacxi Coin’s potential is as limitless as the world’s imagination.

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Dacxi Coin already has 20,000 individual owners, and a digital community of over 100,000.
It has the public listings and structure needed to power the Dacxi Chain’s expansion at scale.

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