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Dacxi Coin is the fast, efficient, and practical digital asset that’s poised to transform the global equity crowdfunding space.

Dacxi Coin is the engine that powers the Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Chain is the world’s premier crowdfunding network. Through the power of blockchain technology, Dacxi Chain connects the world’s numerous disparate crowdfunding platforms into a singular global network. Unlocking unrivalled access to high-growth venture opportunities, and putting them within reach of everyday investors.


Dacxi Coin is the Dacxi Chain's cross-border payment solution.

Here’s how it works.


Dacxi Coin’s use cases

Dacxi Coin is a multi-faceted digital asset, with a strong primary use case and several secondary use cases that build upon its functionality and value.

Primary Use Case:Instant Cross-Border Payments

Smooth and seamless

Enabling efficient global transfers of investments is the cornerstone of Dacxi Coin’s functionality.

Speedy and secure

With Dacxi Coin, funds are securely sent and received in local currencies within minutes.

Secondary Use Cases:

Blockchain Currency

Dacxi Coin is used to pay blockchain fees, and acts as a universal intermediary to simplify international fund transfers.

Exchange Currency for Global Trading

Dacxi Coin enables global trading on a secondary market, providing additional accessibility and efficiency.

Universal Investment Currency

In the future, Dacxi Coin could become a universal investment currency for crowdfunding platforms.

Dacxi Coin's Unlimited Potential

With the Dacxi Chain ecosystem’s expansion and the equity crowdfunding
market’s projection to exceed $150 billion by 2030, Dacxi Coin stands ready to soar, unlocking global innovation.

Explosive Transaction Growth  

Cross-border global investments will become the new normal for everyday
investors in this burgeoning market.

Dacxi Coin's Evolution  

The seamless, secure, speedy, and low-cost Dacxi Coin is the key solution,
poised to make it all happen.

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Key Advantages and Benefits


Investors deal with only their local currency and crowdfunding platform.


Dacxi Coin offers an inexpensive solution with minimized costs.


Dacxi Coin allows for accelerated transfers; no more lengthy wait times.

Global Reach  

As a decentralised currency, it unlocks unprecedented access to global

Why does the Dacxi Chain need its own coin?

Global transfers of traditional fiat currencies can be slow, complex, and costly. While other cryptos simply aren’t built with cross-border investments in mind.

Dacxi Coin is different. It’s purpose-designed for the global transfer of investments. With optimal efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness, it outperforms other solutions across the board. And that makes it an essential part of the Dacxi Chain ecosystem.

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White Paper

A full and detailed summary of the original Dacxi Chain system.


Light Paper

An updated and easy-read version of the White Paper.


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Want to know more?

Dacxi Coin is the exclusive currency of the Dacxi Chain ecosystem. Its value stems primarily from the demand generated within the Dacxi Chain. While based on blockchain technology, it's designed solely for use within the Dacxi environment and isn't a general-purpose cryptocurrency.
Its pivotal role is to act as a Transactional Currency for cross-border transfers of investments within the Dacxi Chain network. This ensures swift and cost-effective transfers that are subsequently converted into the recipient's local investment currency.
Absolutely. Besides its main role, Dacxi Coin is envisioned to serve as a Blockchain Currency for blockchain-related fees, particularly when the Dacxi Blockchain is launched. It could also emerge as an Exchange Currency for future token markets and potentially as a universal Investment Currency within crowdfunding platforms.
For the time being, Dacxi Coin isn't positioned as an investment currency within crowdfunding platforms. It's specifically designed for transactional purposes within the Dacxi Chain.
A dedicated currency, like Dacxi Coin, guarantees efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness. Using a single currency simplifies cross-border transactions, making the process more efficient, less complex, and more secure. This enhances user experience and trust in the Dacxi Chain platform, setting it apart from conventional currencies and other cryptocurrencies.
Liquidity is crucial for any currency. Dacxi Coin's liquidity depends on the engagement level of investors and traders. While it's listed on Tier 2 exchanges currently, the growth trajectory of Dacxi Chain and the anticipated transaction volume signal its potential for Tier 1 listings.
The potential of Dacxi Coin is intrinsically tied to the Dacxi Chain's expansion. As more eCF platforms join, resulting in a surge in deals and investors, the demand for Dacxi Coin is set to rise exponentially. Given the scope of the tokenization ecosystem and Dacxi Chain's growth, the coin's value is poised to increase significantly.

We’re starting a global crowdfunding revolution.Make sure you’re part of this new era of innovation, with Dacxi Coin.

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