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The world’s first Global Equity Crowdfunding Ecosystem.

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One hyper-connected crowdfunding network.

Dacxi Chain connects the world’s numerous crowdfunding platforms into a united global network. Powered by blockchain technology, we’re breaking down the barriers between entrepreneurs and everyday investors. Creating new capital-raising pathways, and unleashing untold investment opportunities.

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Transforming crowdfunding to it’s core.

We supercharge our crowdfunding platform partners by scaling their operations, growing their audience, and diversifying their revenue streams.

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Bridging the crowdfunding ecosystem

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Dacxi Chain is your ally for scalable growth. Connect with our network and boost your crowdfunding platform's deal-flow, funding, and market share, all without overextending your resources. Flourish in a collaborative environment where each platform retains its independence while benefiting from shared growth.



Through a partnership with a Dacxi Chain-connected crowdfunding platform, entrepreneurs can unlock new avenues for capital raising. Our network amplifies your business's exposure, connecting you with international investors at the click of a button.


Investing through a crowdfunding platform partnered with Dacxi Chain provides unmatched transparency, ease, and accessibility. Experience the thrill of unlocking niche markets, investing in high-growth companies, and discovering transformative opportunities.

The Dacxi Chain Advantage

How we’re transforming the crowdfunding landscape.

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Interconnectivity & Scalability

Linking Systems. Amplifying Opportunities. Enhancing Scope.
Dacxi Chain forms a seamless bridge between diverse crowdfunding platforms, elevating localized businesses to the global stage. This enables unprecedented deal-flow and an ever-expanding array of opportunities without straining resources.

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Transparency & Trust

Enhancing Trust. Inclusive Investing.
Dacxi Chain, built on blockchain technology, is a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem that assures unparalleled transparency, bolstering trust and ushering in a new era of inclusive investing.

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User-friendly Interface

Seamless Integration. Unmatched Growth.
Dacxi Chain's intuitive and straightforward APIs effortlessly connect to existing crowdfunding systems. Its complex tech meets ease of use – and it’s transforming the way crowdfunding platforms operate.

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Network Effect

Expanding Value. Boosting Participation.
Parallel to Metcalf’s Law, the Network Effect embodies exponential growth in value with each new user joining the network. This self-reinforcing cycle of expansion enhances the value and reach of equity crowdfunding as a decentralized network.

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Empowering Flexibility. Elevating Control.
Dacxi Chain addresses crowdfunding’s liquidity challenge through tokenization, ensuring smooth and straightforward asset trading on secondary markets. This innovation streamlines processes and enhances investor confidence.

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