The world’s first global equity crowdfunding network.

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The Dacxi ChainUnlocking a trillion dollar opportunity.

A crowdfunding revolution is coming, and it’s set to unleash innovation’s world-changing potential. It’s the world’s first global equity crowdfunding network, and it’s called the Dacxi Chain.

The Dacxi Chain connects entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, for the very first time.
Giving entrepreneurs access to a ready-made global pool of potential investors.
And giving investors access to hyper-growth opportunities that could change their financial future forever.

That’s the power of the Dacxi Chain.


Why Tokenized Global Crowdfunding?


The tokenization of equity shares makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to invest any amount they choose. This unlocks a massive, global pool of investors. So entrepreneurs can access more capital, more easily and more quickly. And everyday investors can access investment opportunities across borders, building a diverse portfolio in the process.


Traditional equity investing usually sees investments locked up for years, or until company founders decide to sell. The Dacxi Chain solves this liquidity issue. Through the process of tokenization, equity can be quickly and easily bought and sold through the Dacxi Chain’s network of global exchanges.


The use of blockchain technology offers investors and entrepreneurs an unprecedented level of transparency and security. And the Dacxi Chain’s embedded due diligence process offers investors validation in the growth potential of the company they invest in. So they can make smarter, better-informed investment decisions.

Dacxi Chain

The Technology

The Dacxi Chain team has pioneered the technology to support and scale a secure global network of equity crowdfunding platforms. Using seven key blockchain solutions, the platform will deliver

  • Regulated deal origination
  • Tokenization
  • International cryptocurrency payments
  • Trustless transactions
  • Custody
  • Secondary exchanges and registries.
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The Coin

The Dacxi Chain is powered by its native cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin. Dacxi Coin is a utility token, used to pay Dacxi blockchain fees, staking, and governance. It’s also the Dacxi Chain’s exchange currency – harnessing the power of crypto to increase the liquidity of global investments.

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The People

The Dacxi Chain’s highly skilled team is based in six offices across the world. Since 2017, Dacxi’s developers have been providing the technological and commercial knowledge needed to deliver a project of this magnitude. Their vast experience covers tokenized regulations, investor acquisition, platform networks, and international partnerships.

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How it works

Dacxi Chief Executive, Ian Lowe, and Chief Product Officer, Fernando Pacheco, discuss the extraordinary potential of the Dacxi Chain – and how it will revolutionize crowdfunding.

The Early Stage Funding sector boomed by 80% to US$230bn in 2021.

But with a staggering 98% market share, that growth has been dominated by Venture Capital. Millions of retail investors have been excluded, and countless entrepreneurs have lost strategic control of their companies and futures.

IBM estimates that tokenized equity funding will be worth $1 trillion dollars before the end of this decade.

Across hundreds of countries there are millions of Retail Investors, with trillions in capital just waiting to fund hundreds of thousands of deals. But right now, they’re missing out.
A decentralized global crowdfunding system, powered by blockchain technologies, is the key that will unlock this new tidal wave of investment.
The Dacxi Chain predicts hundreds of billions in annual transactions. And IBM predicts ten times more.
Tokenized crowdfunding is one of the 10 biggest cryptocurrency opportunities on the table. And Dacxi Coin is at the center of it

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Tokenization will transform the potential of crowdfunding companies. It will provide access to funding on a scale even Venture Capitalists can’t compete with – while ensuring entrepreneurs maintain control of their business. It will give you the marketing edge. Help you attract the best deals on the best terms. Let you build the biggest investor pools. And change the sector for the better.

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The Dacxi Chain will bring investors a whole new world of global opportunities. Projects once restricted to the financial elite will be within your reach. You’ll be connected with products and markets you have a vested interest and understanding in. So you can make more insightful and confident decisions. All with the security of a local licensed crowdfunding company, part of the world-class Dacxi Chain network. Join our community to connect with a local partner when the Dacxi Chain launches.

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Imagine being able to raise Silicon Valley-level funding, wherever you’re based. All while retaining control of you and your company’s future. Imagine being simply and seamlessly connected with a global pool of potential investors, armed with experience and understanding of your product and market. With the Dacxi Chain, you don’t have to imagine it. We’re harnessing the power of blockchain technology to give you the power to change the world. Tell us about you and your vision, and we’ll connect you with a local Dacxi Chain Partner who can help you achieve it.

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