The Dacxi Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain, the first global equity crowdfunding network. Dacxi Chain has the potential to change the world by providing the growth capital to innovative companies everywhere. 

Latest News: The Dacxi Coin has a new exchange listing, P2B, which is currently delivering over $200,000 of trading volume, known as Liquidity every day.

P2B exchange: Regarded as one of Europe’s premier crypto-exchanges, P2B is a Tier 2 exchange frequently positioned among the world’s Top20 exchanges. While it boasts over 5 million monthly users, it features fewer than 200 coins on its listing.

Listings: The Dacxi Coin has now been listed on four Tier Two exchanges; P2B, HitBTC, Bitforex and Coinsbit. They claim to have a combined daily volume in billions.

The big questions 

Whilst activity on listings is positive, the coin price remains low thus raising questions:

  • Does the company actually have a plan for the Dacxi Coin listings?
  • Why did we list on another Tier Two exchange rather than Tier One?
  • When will the Dacxi Coin achieve a coin price people expect? 

The Dacxi Coin listing plan


The objective of the Listing Plan is for Dacxi Coin to achieve a sustainable Coinmarketcap Top100 ranking which will deliver the price and trading volume the coin justifies.  

Strategic realities

Very few people understand what makes a crypto-asset surge in price and have enough trading to allow the pre-momentum coin owners to sell for large profits. In fact, most people have an incorrect understanding so have unrealistic expectations of what will happen. 

  1. Listings: Only by listing a coin on a crypto-exchange can it achieve enough trading volume from traders, speculators and investors to let the price rocket and allow people to sell their coins. 
  2. Top100 Coin: Although there are over 25,000 coins listed on exchanges, only the Top100 coins on meet the market capitalization and trading volume criteria that Dacxi Coin aspires to achieve.
  3. Tier One Listings: With over 660 recognized crypto-exchanges, they can be categorized into Tier one, two, or three based on their reputation and trading volume. Only a select few Tier One exchanges possess the capability to elevate a coin to Top100 prominence.
  4. The rest follow: Once a coin is listed on a Tier One exchange many other exchanges will also list the coin, normally doubling trading volumes or more. 

How to secure a Tier One Listing?

You need to be selected

In the past, coins vying for a spot on a Tier One exchange, upon approval, had to shoulder listing fees exceeding one million dollars. Nowadays, these premier exchanges don’t impose listing charges. Instead, they meticulously choose new coins based on the merit of their foundational project and their allure to traders. After all, more traders translate to higher trading volume, which in turn boosts exchange revenue.

How are you selected?

Tier One exchanges do not reveal their selection process yet it is understood to be based on three elements:

  1. Underlying Project. Does it harbor the potential for monumental success? Dacxi Coin checks this box. It represents one of the remaining significant use cases in the cryptocurrency realm.
  2. Trader Appeal.  Traders gravitate towards well-established projects, so newcomers need to generate excitement. A significant portion of this excitement stems from being aligned with the trending sector during a bull run. For the upcoming bull run, the anticipated ‘buzz’ coins are the ‘Application’ coins originating from projects that address consumer issues, such as In-Gaming assets or Global Crowdfunding. During the 2021 surge, the ‘buzz’ sector was ‘Infrastructure’, leading to a spike in blockchain tech coins like Solana, Chainlink, and Polkadot.
  3. Established Trading Volume. Tier one exchanges want coins to be already trading on Tier Two exchanges with sufficient volume for basic credibility. 

Why Dacxi Coin?

With its foundational project, trader appeal, and solid trading volume, Dacxi Coin is priming itself for inclusion in a Tier One Listing. Applications were submitted in 2022, so the company’s role now is to uphold its stance and be patient. You cannot chase them and sometimes companies wait for years.

What happens with the coin price?

The value of a coin is purely influenced by its trading volume or liquidity. When the market has strong confidence in a coin, buyers outnumber sellers, driving the price higher.

When a project is nascent or the market sentiment is bearish, sellers tend to dominate buyers, driving prices downward. The crypto market has experienced a downturn since 2022, leading to a drastic decline in the prices of most cryptos outside the Top100, ranging from 70-99%. A similar scenario in the previous cycle saw coins like Cardano, Solana, and others trading at remarkably low values. However, these coins experienced a significant surge during the 2020-21 Bull Run.

When a project experiences low liquidity or trading volumes, its price tends to decline. This is the reason Dacxi doesn’t prioritize or forecast price. Instead, Dacxi’s strategy centers on boosting trading volumes and aiming for Tier 1 listings, as these factors influence liquidity and subsequently lead to more stable prices.

Dacxi ahead of the 2024-25 Bull Run

Dacxi is already doing all it can to position the coin in readiness to become a Top100 [Top50] coin in the next Bull Run. 

  • Project. Dacxi Chain stands at the forefront as first mover, pioneering the future of the $100bn Global CrowdFunding landscape. As the company transitions into Development Stage Two, it focuses on expanding its worldwide platform network, introducing platform-sourced ventures, and unveiling a new blockchain ecosystem — all of which captivate market interest.
  • Media. Dacxi Chain is highly active in the media with over 100,000 followers on its social platforms.
  • Volume. With four Tier Two listings and $100,000+ daily volume, it has credibility. 


  • Dacxi Coin is optimally positioned among global cryptos for the upcoming Crypto Bull Run.
  • The company continues to focus on building the underlying project as this is the key to credibility and the demand that ultimately produces a sustainable currency. With success, the ultimate demand for Dacxi Coin should be in many billions to move investments around the world and for blockchain services. 
  • The company plan is to focus on ensuring there is $100,000 daily volume on Coinmarketcap on Tier 2 exchanges. 
  • In the initial stages of the four-year growth cycle, coin prices are typically modest. Reflect on the prices of the current Top20 coins back in 2019-20. It’s during this phase that savvy investors seize the opportunity of lower prices, positioning themselves for significant gains as the market rebounds.