2022 was the catalyst year for the Dacxi Chain. 

By the beginning of 2022, it was clear that the tokenization of financial assets using Blockchain technology was being embraced by every major financial institution and government around the world. 

This transformational technology will fundamentally change how we own, trade, and secure all financial assets. From shares on stock exchanges to bonds, funds, and patents, right through to precious metals and unlisted company shares. So now, the discussion has turned to where and how to apply the technology, and what solutions we can derive from it.

What does this mean for the Dacxi Chain?

For us, the evolution to mainstream acceptance allowed us to refine our thinking from our original strategy, which was first conceptualised back in 2017. Now, rather than launching the Dacxi Chain’s crowdfunding platform in different countries with different partners, the Dacxi Chain will create an interoperable ecosystem of established licenced equity crowdfunding platforms around the world. This creates the world’s first global crowdfunding network. 

A decentralised approach like this is simpler, faster, and smarter. It allows equity crowdfunding organisations to focus on growing their own business by plugging into a global investor network. As a result, equity crowdfunding companies will be allowed to secure more deals with greater velocity, and access growth capital at a significantly greater scale. 

What does this mean for Dacxi Coin?

The interoperability of our crowdfunding platform partners creates a global ecosystem. This ecosystem will be powered by our native cryptocurrency, Dacxi coin. It’s Dacxi Coin that holds the value of the ecosystem. We’ve invested years of effort into pioneering the unique technology that allows crowdfunding platforms around the world to connect with each other and interact. It’s a network that requires speed, simplicity, and most importantly, security. This enables it to deal with investors and issuers from different countries around the world, each with their own unique currency, language, rules, and regulations. 

2023 will be a foundational year for the Dacxi Chain.

We already know there are a vast number of great businesses looking for investment. And there are as many as 100 million investors looking to invest in high-growth, high-potential private companies. And 2023 will be a big year for all of them. This year, we will:

  • Name our foundation partners and launch the platform
  • Announce and execute the first deals via the platform 
  • Establish the Dacxi Chain as the world leader
  • And finally, create strong growth momentum. 

The Dacxi Chain will not deal directly with each individual investor or issuer. Rather – much like the old Intel Inside powered the PC revolution – the Dacxi Chain will power the entire ecosystem. 

We are under no illusion as to the challenge of building this global network. 

Every potential crowdfunding partner can see the global scale we can offer, which would otherwise be unachievable. But every partner also has unique requirements. 2023 will reveal those requirements and the challenges of meeting them. Fortunately, we have a very experienced team – more than capable of handling these complexities and more.  

2023 will reveal the true future potential of global crowdfunding.

We believe that the future holds thousands of deals, millions of investors, and billions of dollars worth of investments. How? With the Dacxi Chain – which will use blockchain to tokenize share ownership, and use Dacxi Coin to create a secure global payment system between investors and issuers. 

We cannot accurately predict year-end numbers for 2023. But we’re very confident in a successful launch, and look forward to another year of establishing our growth trajectory and proving our leadership. Together, this provides the intrinsic value that underpins Dacxi Coin. We expect to list Dacxi Coin on tier-one exchanges this year. This makes 2023 the Dacxi Chain’s – and Dacxi Coin’s – most important and exciting year yet.

As for me? I’m really looking forward to sharing more major announcements and keeping you updated throughout the year. Thanks so much for reading, and here’s to a bright and successful 2023. 


Best regards,
Ian Lowe, Dacxi CEO 

At the beginning of the year, it’s become a Dacxi tradition to share what we expect for the year ahead in each part of the business. And as our community and investor base continues to grow, we’re pleased to share our long-term 2023 view for the Dacxi Chain and Dacxi Coin