We believe that entrepreneurs are the future. They have the unique ability to provide brilliant solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Improving lives, delivering equality, creating wealth, and distributing it fairly. But to do it, they need proper funding. And right now, they simply aren’t getting it.

We believe there’s a solution. It’s called the Dacxi Chain. It’s the world’s first global tokenized crowdfunding platform, and it will unleash the latent innovative entrepreneurial power that could change the world for the better.

The venture funding gap.
Today’s innovation venture funding system is broken. There’s a wealth of expansion capital available for proven businesses in the Growth and Exit stages – but next to none for those at the Early Stage, from Seed to Series A. Investing at this point is high risk, yet it’s where the hypergrowth in value is too. Building a successful innovation industry requires massive Early Stage investment. Yet the mechanism for it doesn’t exist. At least, not yet.

The ‘Dot Com’ boom of the late 1990s provided the speculative investment for the internet boom. The crypto booms of late 2017 and early 2021 provided the speculative investment for crypto and blockchain companies. But these funding booms merely scratched the surface of global demand, and were restricted to internet-based innovation. Other sectors that can provide the innovation the world so desperately needs – such as agriculture, healthcare, education – are largely left behind.

All over the world, millions of worthwhile projects a year are being lost due to lack of adequate funding. Look beyond Silicon Valley or Shanghai, and you’ll see a gulf between the capital needed and the funding available. Even in the established innovation capitals of the UK, Europe, and Australia, it’s an ever-growing issue. For the other 200 countries of the world, venture funding is usually little more than a pipedream.

Great ideas can come from anywhere.
Innovation is blind to race, religion, and culture. There are just as many amazing ideas and entrepreneurs in Peru, Vietnam, Bosnia, or Pakistan as there are in Silicon Valley or Shanghai. So what’s the problem? The world lacks the funding system needed to empower entrepreneurs to realize their potential. Until now.

How tokenization makes the difference.
Tokenization brings a level of scale, trust and efficiency that until today simply hasn’t been possible. With the Dacxi Chain, tokenized deals can be offered to a global crowd without geographical barriers. Anyone from anywhere will be able to invest simply and easily in projects all over the world.

The Dacxi Chain also solves the major crowdfunding issue of due diligence. The platform has an in-built due diligence process, which means investors can trust that the deal they’re collaborating on is viable. Because all deals are recorded immutably on the Dacxi Chain blockchain, ownership of equity is secure and transparent.

The Dacxi Chain offers a complete crowdfunding ecosystem. It provides regulated deal origination, due diligence, promotion, investment, custody and liquidity. And it connects entrepreneurs to investors in a way that has never been possible before. It’s our mission to change crowdfunding as we know it. And in doing so, we hope to change the world.

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