Getting in on the next big thing is the holy grail for investors, because that’s where the hyper growth in value happens. A few thousand dollars can quickly turn into a fortune, as a host of successful Early Stage investors have found. For example, a $5000 equity share investment in Dell Computer in 1990 was worth $1 million by 2000. And Dell is still growing strong today.

For investors willing to take on risk for potential growth, it’s clear that Early Stage investing is an alluring option. What’s not so clear is how to actually become an Early Stage investor in the first place.

Here are the three biggest obstacles currently holding people back from participating in Early Stage investing – and how the Dacxi Chain will break them down.

  • 1. Access to investing opportunities

The pool of viable new ventures is small. That means the best are snapped up by the established investor community – in other words, venture capital companies or well-connected wealthy individuals. Everyday investors never get a look in. 


Sometimes new venture development companies or incubators might make shareholdings available to a wider audience. But there is usually a catch. For one thing, they can usually only be offered to ‘Accredited Investors.’ Accredited Investors are a vaguely defined group of wealthy individuals who the government has deemed capable of making their own high-capital investment choices. This sends a clear message to everyday people; that those with just a few thousand to invest are too simple or ignorant to recognize a good opportunity when they see one. 

Dacxi believes this couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why they have pioneered the Dacxi Chain – the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding system. Using the process of tokenization, the Dacxi Chain will create digital versions of company shares. These digital shares will then be able to be quickly and easily bought and sold from anywhere around the world. This will provide everyday investors access to a level investment playing field. Where the same deals are on offer to everyone – whoever they are, and wherever they’re based.  


  • 2. Deal assessment and due diligence


Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indegogo offer everyday investors a way to put their money into new ventures in their early stages. However, there’s usually no opportunity to do meaningful due diligence on the business, the team, or the viability of their business model.

This means the investment can only be based on hype, blind trust, gut instinct, or vague promises. None of which are the path to a successful investment. 

That’s why today’s crowdfunding model hasn’t fulfilled its true potential. It’s not because there’s a lack of potential investors, or not enough good ideas. Savvy investors simply require better information – including fundamental business data like shareholding structure, management track record, market validation testing, and cash-flow projections.

Unlike current crowdfunding platforms, the Dacxi Chain has a built-in due diligence system that will allow would-be investors to make informed decisions. So they can take control of their financial future with full confidence. 

  • 3. International barriers

The new venture investment market is currently fragmented along national or regional boundaries and borders. That creates severe limitations on the opportunities available to investors – and also on the pool of funds accessible to entrepreneurs. 

The Dacxi Chain solves this barrier, too, by providing a truly global system. Tokenization unlocks the ability for companies to create digital versions of their company shares, which can then be easily bought and sold by a massive global audience. Investors can choose to work with their local Dacxi Chain team, or to tap into a world-wide pool of innovative businesses seeking the funding they need to thrive. It’s a genuinely global network – where true innovation is blind to race, religion, and geography. 


The Dacxi Chain solves the current crowdfunding system’s numerous issues. 

Dacxi’s pioneering system doesn’t just break down these three barriers. For example, by making digital shares that can be easily bought and sold to a massive pool of global investors, it vastly increases liquidity in crowdfunding. And all this is just the beginning. By enabling an international Early Stage funding mechanism, the Dacxi Chain will revolutionize new venture funding, and transform entrepreneurship worldwide.

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