Blockchain technology’s potential reaches far beyond crypto alone. Blockchain has the unique capabilities to solve countless real-world problems, and be widely used and relied upon by people all over the world. This new wave of blockchain-based solutions is known as Crypto 4.0. In the era of Crypto 4.0, blockchain technology will emerge from the lab, and start changing the world.

One key Crypto 4.0 solution is the Dacxi Chain. Pioneered by global fintech company, Dacxi, the Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding platform. The system will create digital versions of company shares, which can quickly and easily be sold online to anyone, anywhere in the world. In doing so, it will unlock a massive global funding pool for entrepreneurs to tap into – and unleash countless Early Stage funding opportunities for investors to take advantage of.

The Dacxi Chain is poised to break down the barriers holding the current crowdfunding system hostage – including geographical restrictions, lack of buzz, lack of scale, and high cost-to-entry. And it will be powered by Dacxi Coin.

Dacxi Coin’s role will be to facilitate and streamline global investment in innovative new projects, through the Dacxi Chain’s blockchain-based management system. As the engine behind the Dacxi Chain, Dacxi Coin will be a hero currency of Crypto 4.0 – and it’s one to closely watch.

Dacxi Coin’s primary uses are:

    1. International investment transfers.
      • The Dacxi Chain is a global system, which removes the traditional obstacles to new venture investment. One of the biggest obstacles is international borders. As a cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin can flow throughout the world unimpeded, letting entrepreneurs connect with investors based anywhere in the world. Compared to traditional international money transfers using the slow and expensive SWIFT system, crypto transactions are extremely low cost and almost instant.
    2. Paying Blockchain Fees
      • Fees are paid to the network for the transaction processing and verification of transfers, and these will be paid using Dacxi Coin. As owners of the Dacxi Chain blockchain, Dacxi will have the ability to control transaction fees, and keep them competitive.
    3. Staking of blockchain writer nodes
      • For each new venture on the Dacxi Chain platform, the local Dacxi Chain team will create tokens using a ‘Writer Node’ on the blockchain. Licensees must ‘stake’ or make a security deposit, paid in Dacxi Coin, to ensure they are classified as a legitimate opportunity. Fees also pay a return for staking Dacxi Coin on the network.
    4. Exchange Currency
      • Project tokens are listed on a Dacxi Venture Exchange where they can be bought or sold using Dacxi Coin. Having an active exchange gives a project liquidity after its initial sale. This is a very important feature of the Dacxi Chain, because it solves one of the biggest issues with the current equity crowdfunding model; low liquidity. With traditional crowdfunding, once you’ve put your money into a project, it’s difficult to cash out. Your funds can be tied up for years until the founders decide to sell the company. The Dacxi Chain is different. On the Dacxi Chain you can offer you tokens for sale as and when you choose, and receive their current market value.

As the Dacxi Chain develops in scale and reach, billions of Dacxi Coins will be in use throughout the ecosystem. Powering the world’s first truly global equity crowdfunding system, and connecting entrepreneurs with investors all over the world.

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