We had a strong year in 2022, establishing many foundational activities and partnerships for the Dacxi Chain. CEO, Ian Lowe shares some accomplishments for the year and our ambitions for 2023.

As we near the end of what has been an otherwise tumultuous year in crypto, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate not just our resilience but the incredible progress we’ve made at Dacxi Chain in 2022 and share our excitement for what’s to come in 2023.


Dacxi Chain Launch and Leadership

As you may know, after five years of hard work from many talented and passionate people, we’re on the cusp of launching our groundbreaking project, Dacxi Chain, which will pioneer and lead the charge in Global Crowdfunding.

For those unfamiliar with crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding is a capital-raising strategy used by early-stage companies to raise capital by selling shares to a large pool of retail investors, while blockchain technology helps facilitate this process by tokenizing shares and allowing for global distribution.

With our team of experts and cutting-edge technology, we expect to have developed a strong network of crowdfunding partners by the end of 2023, making Dacxi Chain the leader in the industry. This development was no mean feat, and we should all be proud of what we’ve achieved, because what comes next will be truly groundbreaking.


Educational Resources

In addition to our work on Dacxi Chain, we have also made significant updates to our online presence and educational resources. Our new website, Dacxichain.com, features our latest whitepaper and litepaper, and we will soon be releasing the inaugural Global Crowdfunding Regulatory Report for 2023. We have also been hosting monthly updates and educational webinars, with recordings available for those who were unable to attend.

Our community for Dacxi Coin continues to thrive, with over 100,000 members on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram — please do join us if you haven’t already,  we are always eager to answer questions and provide support.


Equity Crowdfunding Week 2022

In November, I attended Equity Crowdfunding Week in Los Angeles. Speakers at the conference shared their insights on the future of investing. It was a tremendously exciting and affirming experience that confirmed that we are at the right time and right place with the Dacxi Chain. You can read what the experts said and why the Dacxi Chain perfectly aligns with their vision here. You can watch my video broadcast from the event here or listen to my interview on the ‘Unleashed’ podcast here.


Our Dacxi Development Team Gathered in London for a Global Summit

As we head into 2023, the Dacxi dev team is working hard to bring the Dacxi Chain to the world. We continue to build on commercial partnerships, as well as strengthen our product offering. Last month the dev team came together from all over the world, including Brazil, Australia and the UK for a collaboration meeting. The main agenda of this meeting was to discuss our protocols, roadmaps, and basically all things Dacxi Chain related. This was, in fact, one of the few times where many of the members actually were able to meet face to face despite being all around the globe. Product Officer Fernando Pacheco shares his reflections from this summit. You can hear it here.


Dacxi Coin

The Dacxi Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain and has the potential to become a top 20 cryptocurrency by value, due to its primary use as the transactional currency for moving investments globally from investors to deal issuers. Unlike so many other crypto-coins, Dacxi Coin has a clear use case in one of the most important sectors of the Tokenized Asset sector.

As the leading project in the rapidly growing tokenized asset sector, which is predicted to become a US$1 trillion sector according to organizations like HSBC, IBM, and the RBA, we expect the Dacxi Coin to gain significant market interest with the launch of our chain and further listings.

As we enter 2023, we have high expectations for the future of Dacxi Chain and the impact it will have on the world of innovation funding. By democratizing investments and providing wealth-creating opportunities to people around the globe, we hope to bring hope and opportunity to communities everywhere.

Thank you for your support and we hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration.


Best regards,
Ian Lowe, Dacxi CEO