The Dacxi Chain’s story began in May 2017, at the world’s first Token Summit in New York. This conference attracted the world’s best and brightest blockchain experts, and was pivotal to the revolution that is now seeing blockchain solutions solving real-world problems.

Like many great ideas, the Dacxi Chain is the product of a cognitive leap. During one particular Token Summit presentation, our Founder had a sudden realization; that tokenization has the potential to solve the issue of crowdfunding.

As part of an industry that’s driven by innovation, crowdfunding is an issue Dacxi is particularly close to. We recognized that the lack of funding for early stage innovative companies is the single greatest impediment to unleashing technology’s world-changing potential. The ideas, entrepreneurs and risk capital are all there ready and waiting. The only thing missing is the connection between entrepreneurs and investors. Create that connection, and the money will flow. We believed that tokenization could enable this connection, solve crowdfunding’s biggest problems, and unleash unlimited latent innovative potential in the process.

The world is facing an innovation funding crisis.

In a world awash with speculative capital and successful companies, it can be hard to believe that we’re in the midst of an innovation funding crisis. Innovation and tech companies are the economic powerhouses of the 21st Century. They dominate stock markets, pay high salaries, and create wealth at levels we have never seen before. For these proven businesses in the Growth and Exit Stages, there’s an ocean of expansion capital available. So, where’s the crisis?

The issue lies with funding for the ‘Early Stage’, from Seed to Series A. Investing at this point is high risk, yet it’s where the hypergrowth in value is too. Building a successful innovation industry requires massive Early Stage investment; investment which is currently sorely lacking.

Scratch beneath the surface, and you soon realize that – despite the endless publicity – the new ventures that are receiving funding represent just a tiny fraction of all deserving companies. For every funded company you hear about, many thousands are going begging.

The Dacxi Chain will change that for good.

The Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized crowdfunding system. It’s designed to overcome the flaws of the current Early Stage funding system – and it will make innovation funding more abundant and easier to get than ever before.

The Dacxi Chain is built on the belief that innovation is blind to race, religion, sex and culture. That there are countless fantastic ideas and entrepreneurs in every country – who, with the right funding, can and will change the world for the better.

Countless people want the buzz of investing in great businesses, and the Dacxi Chain responds to this idea, too. It provides the system, support, and the confidence that everyday people need to take the leap. It connects innovators and investors simply and easily – in a regulated, well-managed environment that gives success its very best chance.

Both entrepreneurs and investors win with the Dacxi Chain.

For entrepreneurs, the Dacxi Chain means the new-found ability to raise capital from a global pool of investors, who already have a built-in understanding of their business. This means a higher chance of attracting more capital at higher valuations – without having to hand over control of their company to Venture Capitalists.

And it’s not just entrepreneurs; investors win, too. The Dacxi Chain provides the chance to invest in countless high-quality hyper-growth opportunities, suited to their experience and interests. The Dacxi Chain’s unique due diligence process gives more confidence. Buying, storing and selling is much easier. Investors can sell their investment more quickly and easily than a regular crowdfunding investment would allow.

The system also comes with benefits that apply to both sides of the deal – such as a secure, globally transparent, strictly regulated environment.

The Dacxi Chain’s potential is huge.

IBM predicts that the global tokenization market will be worth $24 trillion by 2027. Of this amount, one trillion dollars is unlisted equities – in other words, Early Stage capital raising. The Dacxi Chain is well-positioned to take a significant share of that value, by removing the barriers facing crowdfunding today. And in doing so, creating an efficient, simple, seamless, and hyper-connected equity crowdfunding system. So that entrepreneurs and investors can reach their full potential, wherever in the world they might be.

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