What is the Dacxi Chain?

Created by global fintech company, Dacxi, the Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized crowdfunding system. A complex global network, the Dacxi Chain is designed to efficiently and effectively connect entrepreneurs with investors. So they can access the funding they need to see their business thrive. 

So, how does the Dacxi Chain work? Let’s take a look, with this hypothetical example of how a deal would progress through the Dacxi Chain.


Step 1: The deal

Let’s say a company in Melbourne, Australia, has invented a revolutionary dental product. It’s not just an idea – it’s already on the local market, being sold to dentists in the area. But the invention’s potential reaches far beyond Melbourne alone. The company knows it could be a global success. But they also know that expanding production, growing their marketing, and exporting internationally takes money. So they do their sums and work out they need to raise $2 million to take their business to the next level. 

Through their local Dacxi Chain licensee, they connect with the Dacxi Chain’s Opportunity Division. Due diligence is done and an equity token offer agreement is made. Dacxi secures the shares, its staked blockchain writer node mints the tokens. While the process is underway, the offer’s strategy and promotional material are created. 


Step 2: Capital Raising 

After Dacxi’s unique trust system has cleared the deal, it’s offered to the Dacxi Chain investor base in both Australian Dollars and Dacxi Coins. The offer will be made available to investors in both Australia and globally, who’ve indicated interest in ‘dental’ opportunities. 

One of these potential investors is a dentist in Mexico. Through her local Dacxi Chain office, she registered her interest in dental and medical investment opportunities. As a health professional herself she understands the technology, and is well-placed to see the potential within this category. 

Through the Dacxi Mexico platform, she swaps pesos for Dacxi Coin. Her investment is immediately sent to Australia on the Dacxi blockchain. Her dental investment tokens appear in her Dacxi Mexico portfolio. 

This process is repeated with numerous investors throughout the Dacxi Chain, until the offer is fully funded. At that point the dental company in Melbourne can convert their Dacxi Coins into $AUD and begin expanding their company. Fully confident that they have the right amount of funding to successfully meet their business objectives. 


Step 3: Post Listing

Next, the dental technology token is listed on the global Dacxi Chain Venture Exchange. The Mexican investor is provided with regular updates on the dental company’s performance. Like a traditional share investment, the company’s performance will influence its token’s price. Should she wish to exit her investment, she can offer her tokens for sale on the Dacxi Chain Venture Exchange. 

When her tokens sell, the transaction takes place using Dacxi Coins. Her funds are immediately transferred to her Dacxi Chain Mexico account, ready to be reinvested in another business opportunity, or exchanged to Pesos for cashing out. 

This process might seem simple – and that’s because it is. 

The Dacxi Chain is designed to be the world’s most efficient crowdfunding system. It’s made to streamline and simplify the crowdfunding process, and ensure that more world-changing ideas can come to fruition. Through the power of blockchain and tokenization, the Dacxi Chain will match the right entrepreneurs with the right investors. So they can get the right funding they need to succeed.  

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