The Dacxi Chain unveiled as the world’s first global equity crowdfunding network

The world’s first blockchain-based global equity crowdfunding network – the Dacxi Chain – has been unveiled. The Dacxi Chain is a unique global ecosystem that creates digital tokenized versions of company shares, which can then be quickly and easily bought and sold all over the world. Connecting investors, entrepreneurs and deal makers from across the globe. A singularly complex technical challenge, the Dacxi Chain has taken the company’s tech team four years to develop. The advanced technical features within Dacxi Chain are built on the unique capabilities of blockchain.

Dacxi CEO Ian Lowe says, “When we set out to create a global ecosystem to deliver thousands of funding deals to hundreds of thousands of investors around the world, there are many significant problems to solve. Emphatically, blockchain is the path to unlocking the limitless potential of equity crowdfunding.”

The Dacxi Chain ecosystem must be equipped to deal with tokenized assets, cryptocurrency-based investments from multi-language and multi-currency investor pools, and a range of different regulatory environments. As such, the Dacxi Chain’s development has required the origination and development of a series of new technological processes.

Fernando Pacheco, Dacxi Chain’s Chief Product Officer says, “The Dacxi Chain aggregates investor pools drawn from multiple territories around the world, and connects them to entrepreneurs who have viable new ventures that need growth funding. While it’s a simple concept, the blockchain-based technology behind the Dacxi Chain is immensely complex and has been in development since 2018.”

The Dacxi Chain ecosystem’s key features

The Dacxi Chain ecosystem features seven blockchain-specific attributes.

Trustless equity custody
Tokenization of equity ownership
International investor verification (KYC)
Cryptocurrency-based international payment solution
Trustless transaction solutions
Trustless share registry solutions
Network of tokenized Secondary Exchanges

Multi-layer technology stack

The Dacxi Chain integrates local and global ecosystems, using a bespoke three-layered technology stack designed and engineered by the Dacxi Chain technology team.

The Application Layer is an efficient, frictionless ecosystem where tens of thousands of investment opportunities can be launched globally each year.

The Transaction Layer facilitates tokenization, secures equity backing, produces smart contracts, guarantees token-money exchange, and enables secondary trading and global crypto payments in local currencies.

The Blockchain Layer is where the ownership of equity tokens is processed and recorded. It is also where blockchain staking, node management and fee transactions are managed.

“Scaling was the hardest part of the development of the Dacxi Chain,” says Pacheco. “The Dacxi Chain development team has already amassed years of experience in testing and proving our core technology. We are satisfied that the Dacxi Chain ecosystem has the capability to handle millions of transactions involving tens of thousands of deals, from millions of investors across languages and currencies.”

The Dacxi Chain is powered by the Dacxi Coin.

The Dacxi Chain ecosystem has its own native cryptocurrency, named Dacxi Coin. Dacxi Coin’s primary uses are to facilitate streamlined global investment transfers and as an exchange currency. As such, the Dacxi Coin is defined as a utility token, not a security.

Project tokens to be listed on Dacxi Chain exchanges will be bought and sold using Dacxi Coin. As a cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin can flow throughout the world unimpeded, allowing entrepreneurs and investors to connect with each other across geographical borders. This globalization of participants creates scale, and with it much-needed liquidity to early-stage investing.

“As the Dacxi Chain develops in scale and reach, billions of Dacxi Coins will be in use throughout the ecosystem,” says Lowe. “This will empower entrepreneurs to access early-stage funding from investors all over the world, simply and easily.”

The Dacxi Chain is expected to launch this year, with the first ventures available for funding by the end of 2022.

The Dacxi Chain at a glance

The Dacxi Chain is an integrated local and global ecosystem that uses the unique power of blockchain to provide a global crowdfunding ecosystem. Dacxi Coin is the native utility token of the Dacxi Chain. It is used to facilitate efficient, low-cost international investment transfers, and as the currency of Dacxi Chain tokenized equity share exchanges.

About the Dacxi Chain

The Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding system. Using blockchain and tokenization technology, the Dacxi Chain creates digital versions of company shares – which can then be simply, speedily, and securely bought and sold by anyone, any time, anywhere. As a global ecosystem built on a network of locally-based partners, the Dacxi Chain is poised to solve the numerous challenges facing crowdfunding today. Including geographical barriers, lack of due diligence, and lack of scale. Powered by Dacxi Coin, the Dacxi Chain will connect entrepreneurs and potential investors on a scale never seen before. Unlocking access to a global pool of capital, and unleashing the world’s innovation potential.

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