More details have been revealed of the blockchain technology behind the revolutionary global tokenized crowdfunding equity ecosystem; the Dacxi Chain. 

The Dacxi Chain is a world-first system that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with a global pool of investors, who can collectively provide the capital they need to successfully bring their products and services to market.

Using innovative blockchain and tokenization technology, the Dacxi Chain creates digital tokens that represent company shares. These tokens are then listed on the Dacxi Chain exchange, where they can be easily bought and sold all over the world using Dacxi Coin. This adds liquidity to the crowdfunding market – an essential ingredient that is currently lacking in early-stage venture funding systems across the globe. 

Dacxi Chain CEO Ian Lowe says: “When you set out to create a global ecosystem to deliver thousands of funding deals involving investors across the world, there are many significant problems to solve. And the only way they can be solved is with blockchain based solutions.”

Key blockchain features of the Dacxi Chain ecosystem
The Dacxi Chain global ecosystem includes a range of essential technical features which depend on the unique capabilities of blockchain technology. This technology is the key to unlocking the global crowdfunding network’s true potential.

Dacxi has recently revealed the seven blockchain-specific attributes featured within the Dacxi Chain:

  1. Trustless equity custody
  2. Tokenization of equity ownership
  3. International investor [KYC] verification
  4. Cryptocurrency-based international payment solutions
  5. Trustless transaction solutions
  6. Trustless share registry solutions
  7. A network of tokenized Secondary Exchanges

How Dacxi Coin powers the Dacxi Chain.
Dacxi Coin is another key building block of the Dacxi Chain ecosystem. Dacxi Coin is defined as a utility token, not a security. As the native crypto-currency of the Dacxi Chain, Dacxi Coin’s purpose is to facilitate and streamline global investment in innovative new projects through a blockchain-based network.

Dacxi Coin has four key uses:

  • Transaction Currency – to move investment payments simpler and faster globally.
  • Blockchain Currency – to pay blockchain fees, node staking and governance
  • Exchange Currency – to allow global trading on a secondary market
  • Community Currency – to power the investor community globally.

Dacxi Coin’s most critical role is as a transaction currency.
Its ability to flow throughout the world unimpeded is what drives the Dacxi Chain – allowing entrepreneurs to receive funding from investors anywhere in the world.

Ian lowe says: “As the Dacxi Chain develops in scale and reach, billions of Dacxi Coins will be in use throughout the ecosystem, letting entrepreneurs access early stage funding from investors all over the world, simply and easily.”

About the Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Chain pioneers the evolution of crowdfunding, introducing the world’s inaugural global equity crowdfunding ecosystem. Harnessing blockchain, we unite diverse crowdfunding platforms, catalyzing an unprecedented connection between visionary entrepreneurs and discerning investors. In this decentralized arena, platforms thrive with amplified reach and scalability, while investors and entrepreneurs experience transparent, accelerated opportunities. A transformative shift in investment dynamics, Dacxi Chain stands unparalleled in its mission to democratize global investment.

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