Dacxi Chain launches ‘Unleashed’: A podcast series about how blockchain technology can unlock innovation and change the world

It’s been 13 years since Bitcoin exploded onto the world stage. But it’s only now that the blockchain technology behind it is emerging beyond crypto, and stepping into its full potential as the solution to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

One such challenge is the ongoing Early Stage equity funding crisis. Powered by blockchain technology, the Dacxi Chain is creating the world’s first tokenized global equity crowdfunding system. And the team behind this crowdfunding game-changer is releasing a brand-new podcast series; ‘Unleashed’.

‘Unleashed’ promises to be a deep dive into blockchain technology’s ability to break down the barriers crowdfunding has so far faced. Hosted by acclaimed crypto expert, Andy Pickering, the series will explore the vast potential of tokenization to unleash innovation, entrepreneurship and venture funding.

The podcast is aimed at the Dacxi Chain’s three core audiences; retail investors, entrepreneurs, and potential Dacxi Chain partners. For retail investors, it offers an intriguing window into Early Stage investment opportunities that – until now – have been restricted to the financial elite. For entrepreneurs, it will provide insights into this exciting new capital-raising avenue which could shape their business’s future. And for partners, the podcast offers further details on this revolutionary new crowdfunding ecosystem, and how and why they should get involved.

Here’s what the show’s producers have to say about ‘Unleashed’:

‘Join us as we explore the world’s first tokenized global crowdfunding network. Learn about the blockchain technology that makes it possible, and get insights into the new wealth building opportunities it creates for entrepreneurs and everyday investors, everywhere.’

On the first episode, Andy is joined by Dacxi Global CEO Ian Lowe. The pair discuss Global Crowdfunding’s potential, and why a blockchain-based ecosystem will be the disruptor that the early stage funding industry sorely needs.

Featuring interviews with the Dacxi Chain team, industry experts, influencers and commentators, the rest of the series will cover a wide range of topics. Delving deep into the world’s innovation potential, and what could happen when it’s well and truly unleashed by the Dacxi Chain.

‘Unleashed with the Dacxi Chain’ is available now on all major podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify, and at dacxichain.com.

About the Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Chain pioneers the evolution of crowdfunding, introducing the world’s inaugural global equity crowdfunding ecosystem. Harnessing blockchain, we unite diverse crowdfunding platforms, catalyzing an unprecedented connection between visionary entrepreneurs and discerning investors. In this decentralized arena, platforms thrive with amplified reach and scalability, while investors and entrepreneurs experience transparent, accelerated opportunities. A transformative shift in investment dynamics, Dacxi Chain stands unparalleled in its mission to democratize global investment.

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