SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Dacxi Chain, a groundbreaking force in the crowdfunding space, today announces the launch of its global platform, powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology. In a strategic move, Dacxi Chain will be the first deal to feature on its platform.

Prominent partners aligning with Dacxi Chain’s vision include Equitise from Australia, Snowball in New Zealand, and Angels Den a key player from the UK’s crowdfunding scene. This powerful alliance solidifies Dacxi Chain’s commitment to reshaping addressing investment accessibility and address growth challenges inherent in the crowdfunding sector.

Ian Lowe, CEO of Dacxi Chain, commented, “Our objective is clear: to catalyze a significant transformation in how crowdfunding operates. With Dacxi Chain, we offer a streamlined conduit for ventures and investors, enabling growth in an industry ripe for innovation.

With the global crowdfunding market anticipated to exceed $150 billion by 2030, Dacxi Chain’s platform, bolstered by blockchain, stands ready to facilitate efficient cross-border transactions, maximising the sector’s potential.

As Dacxi Chain continues to expand its reach, its core commitment remains steadfast: to democratize investment opportunities and foster worldwide enterprise connectivity, positioning itself as the benchmark in crowdfunding evolution.

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About the Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Chain pioneers the evolution of crowdfunding, introducing the world’s inaugural global equity crowdfunding ecosystem. Harnessing blockchain, we unite diverse crowdfunding platforms, catalyzing an unprecedented connection between visionary entrepreneurs and discerning investors. In this decentralized arena, platforms thrive with amplified reach and scalability, while investors and entrepreneurs experience transparent, accelerated opportunities. A transformative shift in investment dynamics, Dacxi Chain stands unparalleled in its mission to democratize global investment.

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