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Wefunder – Vote with your dollars on the future you want to see

Andy talks with Jonny Price, VP of Fundraising at Wefunder, an investment crowdfunding platform enabling anyone to invest in startups they love.

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Digital Markets – Money flows where attention goes

Andy talks with James Wallace, Chair of Digital Markets - a platform that connects the world's best assets with global investors through a network of digital securities exchanges.

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Securrency – Empowering frictionless financial freedom for all

Andy talks with Jackson Mueller about how a positive regulatory framework can unlock a world of effortless compliance, borderless transactions, and newfound financial fluidity.

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Dacxi Chain: A look back at 2022

We had a strong year in 2022, establishing many foundational activities and partnerships for the Dacxi Chain. CEO, Ian Lowe shares some accomplishments for the year and our ambitions for 2023.

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The Future of Equity Crowdfunding — As the Experts See It in 2022

On a recent episode of Dacxi Chain's podcast "Unleashed", Andy Pickering sat down with Dacxi CEO Ian Lowe. Ian tells Andy about his time at the 2022 Equity Crowdfunding Conference in Los Angeles and what he discovered.

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How Dacxi Coin powers the Dacxi Chain.

Blockchain technology’s potential reaches far beyond crypto alone. Blockchain has the unique capabilities to solve countless real-world problems, and be widely used and relied upon by people all over the world. This new wave of blockchain-based solutions is known as Crypto 4.0. In the era of Crypto 4.0, blockchain technology will emerge from the lab, and start changing the world.

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