Navigating the Post-Banking Crisis Landscape: Dacxi Chain's Global Crowdfunding Solution for Tech Startups

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was a monumental event that sent shockwaves through the global economy. This devastating financial catastrophe, the largest since the 2008 global financial crisis, left thousands of tech startups in limbo. With many startups relying on the bank for early-stage funding through SVB Venture loans the collapse has undoubtedly made it harder for these young companies to secure the capital they need to grow and succeed. In light of these challenges, some startups may be forced to merge or collapse, and the possibility of further banking collapses only exacerbates these problems. Amid this uncertainty, Dacxi Chain emerges as a powerful alternative financing solution. By leveraging a globally networked ecosystem of crowdfunding companies, the Dacxi Chain provides much-needed support for tech startups in these turbulent times.

The Current Funding Landscape for Startups

The collapse of SVB highlighted the vulnerabilities in traditional funding models for tech startups. Reliance on centralized institutions for early-stage financing can result in a domino effect of problems when these institutions falter. The impact of the SVB collapse has left many startups scrambling to secure funding, and the uncertainty surrounding the future stability of other banks creates additional challenges for tech companies seeking investment.

Ethan Kurzweil, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, shared his thoughts on the current startup funding environment via email. He acknowledged that SVB’s downfall leaves a “clear void” if the bank’s startup-focused services like venture debt are not maintained. However, he also pointed out that high-interest rates and a “pseudo-recessionary environment” for selling new products have a more direct impact on the funding landscape. (Yahoo Finance) 

Furthermore, a recent survey by NFX revealed that over 60% of the 800 founders in their network are worried that SVB’s collapse will make the already challenging fundraising environment even tougher. This sentiment further emphasizes the need for alternative funding solutions to support startups during these uncertain times.

Moreover, the financial crisis has prompted a shift in investment strategies, with many investors turning to private equity as an alternative to stocks, bonds, and shares. This shift further underscores the need for innovative funding solutions that cater to both startups and investors.

Introducing the Dacxi Chain Solution

The Dacxi Chain offers a unique solution to the funding challenges faced by tech startups in the wake of the SVB collapse. By creating a globally networked ecosystem of crowdfunding companies, the Dacxi Chain enables startups to access alternative sources of financing, bypassing traditional banking institutions and their inherent risks. This groundbreaking approach empowers tech companies to raise capital from a diverse and global investor base, ensuring their continued growth and success despite the uncertain economic climate.

The timing of the Dacxi Chain’s emergence is crucial, as the current situation provides the perfect opportunity for the platform to showcase its innovative approach to crowdfunding. The financial turmoil has created a void in the startup funding landscape, and the Dacxi Chain is poised to fill that void by offering a reliable, efficient, and secure alternative to traditional financing methods.

A quote from Ian Lowe, the CEO of the Dacxi Chain, highlights the significance of this moment: “The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has highlighted the risks of an overly centralized startup funding ecosystem, but it’s also created a unique opportunity for alternative financing solutions like the Dacxi Chain. We’re in the right place at the right time to help tech startups overcome these challenges and unlock their full potential.”

The Benefits of the Dacxi Chain’s Global Crowdfunding Ecosystem

The Dacxi Chain’s globally networked ecosystem of crowdfunding companies provides several key advantages for tech startups and investors alike:

Scale: By uniting the world’s investor bases, the Dacxi Chain creates an enormous global investor community that no single platform could hope to achieve. This ensures a sufficient number of investors with interest in every conceivable deal concept.

Decentralization: By leveraging a decentralized network of crowdfunding platforms, the Dacxi Chain reduces the risks associated with relying on a single, centralized institution for funding.

Diversification: The global reach of the Dacxi Chain allows startups to access a diverse range of investors, increasing their chances of securing the funding they need to succeed.

Flexibility: The Dacxi Chain’s ecosystem is adaptable and can accommodate a wide range of investment strategies, including private equity investments, making it an attractive option for investors seeking alternative investment opportunities.

Security: The Dacxi Chain blockchain employs advanced security measures to protect the investments and personal data of its users, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both startups and investors.

Closing Thoughts 

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was a stark reminder of the fragility of traditional funding models for tech startups. With thousands of companies left in limbo and the potential for further banking collapses, the need for alternative financing solutions has never been more apparent. The Dacxi Chain, with its innovative approach to crowdfunding and globally networked ecosystem, presents a promising solution for tech startups seeking funding in these uncertain times.

By providing a decentralized, diverse, flexible, secure, and supportive platform for startups and investors, the Dacxi Chain is well-positioned to help companies overcome the challenges posed by the current financial landscape. As Ian Lowe, CEO of the Dacxi Chain, put it: “We’re in the right place at the right time to help tech startups overcome these challenges and unlock their full potential.”

As the global economy continues to evolve and adapt to the consequences of the SVB collapse, the Dacxi Chain stands as a beacon of hope for tech startups and investors alike. By embracing this innovative crowdfunding solution, startups can secure the funding they need to thrive, while investors can access new and exciting investment opportunities in the burgeoning world of private equity.

Is Equity Crowdfunding a Good Investment? Dacxi Chain's Transformative Potential

As the world of investment opportunities continues to evolve, equity crowdfunding is quickly gaining traction as an alternative investment vehicle. This innovative approach allows investors to contribute capital to early-stage companies in exchange for equity, allowing them to participate in the growth and success of these companies. In this article, we will discuss the merits of equity crowdfunding as an investment, and towards the end, we will explore the transformative potential of the Dacxi Chain Global Equity Crowdfunding Solution.

The Rise of Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with the market’s value predicted to reach new heights. This surge in popularity is largely attributed to the democratization of investment opportunities, which has enabled everyday investors to access a previously exclusive domain of Venture Capital companies and their institutional backers. By investing in startups and small businesses, individuals can now play a more active role in nurturing innovation, job creation, and economic development.

The Benefits of Equity Crowdfunding

  1. Access High-Growth Potential: The allure of hyper-growth. Investing in early-stage companies presents the exhilarating chance to participate in a startup’s hyper-growth journey. When these ventures succeed and expand rapidly, the return on investment can be extraordinary, igniting the passion of investors as they contribute to the development of groundbreaking ideas and thriving businesses.
  2. Diversification: Equity crowdfunding allows investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in a wide range of industries and sectors. This diversification can help mitigate risk, as it reduces the impact of poor-performing investments.
  3. Supporting Innovation and entrepreneurship: Equity crowdfunding enables investors to contribute to the growth and success of innovative ideas and businesses. By backing new ventures, investors help foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  4. Democratization of Investment Opportunities: Equity crowdfunding has opened the doors for everyday investors to participate in the world of startups, allowing them to invest in companies at various stages of development.

The Risks of Equity Crowdfunding and Its Market Share Challenge

As with any investment, equity crowdfunding comes with its share of risks. Potential investors should be aware of the following:

  1. High failure rate: Startups and early-stage companies inherently carry a higher risk of failure, which could result in the total loss of an investment.
  2. Limited information: Compared to publicly traded companies, private businesses may not provide as much information, making it more challenging to assess their potential.
  3. Illiquidity: Unlike publicly traded stocks, investments in private companies are generally illiquid, making it difficult to sell shares and realize gains.

These risks contribute to the primary reason equity crowdfunding holds only a one percent market share in early-stage innovation funding compared to venture capital: the challenge of achieving scale. Attracting a sizable crowd of investors to this sector has proven difficult, and crowdfunding remains largely localized in entrepreneurial hubs like California, New York, London, and Berlin. The vast majority of the world, home to 90 million potential investors, has yet to embrace this new sector. As a result, the industry has struggled to gain national or global traction, inhibiting its growth and impact.

Dacxi Chain Global Equity Crowdfunding Solution: A Transformative Landscape

In light of the risks and challenges associated with equity crowdfunding, the Dacxi Chain Global Equity Crowdfunding Solution aims to revolutionize the landscape. By leveraging blockchain technology, the Dacxi Chain solves the scale problem and creates a global crowdfunding solution akin to how the internet eliminated distance as a factor for accessing information.

The Dacxi Chain is a network of local crowdfunding companies where deals are tokenized on the blockchain and shared globally. Payments are made locally and then transferred globally using the Dacxi Coin, the native currency of the Dacxi Chain. This approach fosters transparency, security, and efficiency, addressing the challenges facing investors and businesses alike.

With its blockchain foundation, the Dacxi Chain ensures that transactions and records are secure, tamper-proof, and easily accessible. This increased transparency allows investors to make better-informed decisions, while businesses benefit from improved trust and credibility.

The platform also streamlines the investment process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for both investors and businesses. Through smart contracts, the Dacxi Chain automates many aspects of the investment process, reducing the administrative burden and lowering barriers to entry for investors.

Furthermore, the Dacxi Chain facilitates secondary market trading, addressing the issue of illiquidity often faced in equity crowdfunding investments. By providing a platform for investors to trade their shares, the Dacxi Chain enhances liquidity and enables investors to better manage their portfolios.

Final Thoughts

Equity crowdfunding presents a unique and exciting investment opportunity, enabling investors to participate in the growth and success of early-stage companies. While there are inherent risks associated with investing in startups, the potential for high returns and the opportunity to support innovation make it an attractive proposition for many.

The Dacxi Chain Global Equity Crowdfunding Solution aims to transform the landscape by addressing some of the challenges faced by investors and businesses in this space. With its focus on scaling,  transparency, security, and efficiency, the Dacxi Chain is poised to usher in a new era for equity crowdfunding, making it an even more viable and attractive investment option.

In conclusion, while equity crowdfunding may not be suitable for every investor, its potential for high returns, diversification, and support of innovation make it a compelling addition to a well-balanced investment portfolio. As solutions like the Dacxi Chain continue to improve the equity crowdfunding experience, we can expect this form of investment to gain even more traction in the coming years.

The Future of Equity Crowdfunding: Decentralized, Blockchain and AI

In this blog, we discuss how equity crowdfunding has grown rapidly since the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, with platforms attracting billions of dollars in investments. Looking ahead, the future of equity crowdfunding is likely to be shaped by three key trends: decentralization, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Equity crowdfunding, the practice of raising capital by soliciting small investments from a large number of people, has come a long way in the key USA market since product crowdfunding first gained popularity in the mid-2000s. Initially, crowdfunding was largely limited to product, donations or rewards-based campaigns, but with the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, equity crowdfunding was legalized in the United States. 

But equity crowdfunding is not just about democratizing access to capital. It’s also about leveraging emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a new global investment opportunity for the public. An opportunity that will allow investors to get in on the deals that previously only Venture Capital companies and their big money backers have accessed.

The early days of equity crowdfunding

The origins of crowdfunding can be traced back to the early 2000s, when platforms like ArtistShare and SellaBand were launched to help artists and musicians raise money from fans in exchange for a share of future profits. In 2006, Kiva, a platform for microlending to entrepreneurs in developing countries, was launched, paving the way for a new generation of crowdfunding platforms focused on social impact.

Around the same time, product crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo emerged, enabling entrepreneurs and creatives to raise money from a large number of small investments in exchange for new innovative products or projects like films. These platforms proved hugely popular, with Kickstarter alone raising over $5 billion since its launch in 2009.

However, it wasn’t until the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012 that equity crowdfunding as we know it today became legal in the United States. The JOBS Act allowed companies to raise up to $1 million in capital through crowdfunding, paving the way for the launch of platforms like SeedInvest, Crowdfunder, and WeFunder.

The rise of equity crowdfunding

Since the passage of the JOBS Act, equity crowdfunding has grown rapidly, with platforms attracting billions of dollars in investments. In 2018, the equity crowdfunding market in the US was valued at over $1 billion. Despite the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry experienced a surge in growth, with new platforms, partnerships, and campaigns emerging daily. Looking ahead, the crowdfunding market is predicted to expand aggressively over the next few years powered by new excitement in the sector and new blockchain-powered global crowdfunding.

One of the key drivers of this growth has been the democratization of access to capital. Prior to the rise of equity crowdfunding, startups and small businesses had limited options for raising capital, often relying on traditional sources like bank loans or venture capital firms. Equity crowdfunding has changed this, enabling entrepreneurs to tap into a vast pool of potential investors and raise capital more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Another factor driving the growth of equity crowdfunding has been the increasing importance of social impact and sustainability. Many investors today are looking for more than just financial returns – they want to support companies that are making a positive impact on the world. Equity crowdfunding platforms like StartEngine and Republic have capitalized on this trend, offering investors the opportunity to support companies focused on social impact and sustainability.

The future of equity crowdfunding

Looking ahead, the future of equity crowdfunding is likely to be shaped by three key trends: decentralization, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.


One of the main criticisms of traditional finance is that it is too centralized, with a small number of large institutions controlling the flow of capital. Equity crowdfunding has already gone some way towards addressing this issue, but the industry is still dominated by a handful of large platforms.

In the future, we can expect to see a more decentralized ecosystem, with smaller platforms and even individual investors playing a greater role in the funding process. This will  be facilitated by the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, which use blockchain technology to create a more open, transparent, and accessible financial system.


Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the equity crowdfunding industry by overcoming the scaling issue that limits the investor base that deals are offered to. By tokenising company shares on the blockchain, the ability to buy, own and sell what were previously illiquid assets can be transformed. 

The greatest revolution in the investment business is that a system based on blockchain technology can become global, with deals offered to a global investor community. Payments can be secured through cryptocurrency, and ownership secured by blockchain. The impact on investment opportunities will be as revolutionary as the Internet has been for knowledge–there are no geographical limitations.

Blockchain will also improve the security and transparency of the investment process. By using smart contracts, investors could be assured that their funds are only released to the company when certain conditions are met, such as reaching a certain funding goal or meeting certain milestones.

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to play a significant role in the future of equity crowdfunding. AI could be used to improve the efficiency of the investment process, for example by automating the due diligence process or by using algorithms to match investors with suitable investment opportunities.

AI could also help to reduce the risk of fraud and improve the accuracy of investment decisions. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI could help investors to identify high-potential investment opportunities and avoid potential scams.

Final thoughts 

Equity crowdfunding has come a long way from its roots as a niche fundraising model for artists and musicians. Today, it is a rapidly growing industry that is democratizing access to capital and empowering entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition.

As we look ahead, it is clear that the future of equity crowdfunding will be shaped by decentralization, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. These technologies hold enormous potential to create a more transparent, efficient, and secure financial ecosystem that benefits both investors and companies alike.

The Dacxi Chain, with its global crowdfunding network, is well-positioned to lead the way in this new era of equity crowdfunding. By leveraging blockchain and AI technologies, the platform provides investors and companies with a secure and transparent crowdfunding experience. With its commitment to creating a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive financial system, Dacxi Chain is poised to be a key player in the continued growth and evolution of equity crowdfunding.

As the industry evolves, it will be crucial for regulators to strike a balance between encouraging innovation and safeguarding investors from potential risks. Ultimately, the success of equity crowdfunding will depend on its ability to create a robust and equitable financial system that benefits all stakeholders – entrepreneurs, investors and crowdfunding companies alike.

Democratizing Investment: How Dacxi Chain is Empowering Global Crowdfunding

Discover how Dacxi Chain is leveraging blockchain technology to democratize investment and revolutionize global crowdfunding, providing a decentralized, secure, and accessible platform for individuals and businesses from all over the world.

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to raise funds, and with the rise of blockchain technology, it has become even more accessible and efficient. The emergence of blockchain technology has brought about significant changes in the way crowdfunding is done, making it more accessible, efficient, and secure. One company that has been at the forefront of this development is Dacxi Chain, a blockchain-enabled platform that aims to revolutionize global crowdfunding.

Democratizing Investment with Dacxi Chain

The role of the Dacxi Chain in global crowdfunding is multifaceted. The platform leverages the inherent qualities of blockchain technology to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the crowdfunding industry, including scalability, security, and transparency. By providing a decentralized, trustless platform that is accessible to everyone, the Dacxi Chain is empowering individuals and businesses from all over the world to participate in crowdfunding, regardless of their location, background, or financial status.

Solving the Scalability Issue with Blockchain Network Effect

One of the key advantages of the Dacxi Chain is its ability to solve the issue of scalability through the network effect. Blockchain technology enables the creation of a global, decentralized network that can process a large volume of transactions without the need for intermediaries. This means that the Dacxi Chain can handle a massive number of crowdfunding transactions simultaneously, without compromising on speed, security, or efficiency.

Embedding Smart Contracts for Automated and Transparent Transactions

Another advantage of the Dacxi Chain is its ability to embed smart contracts into transactions. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. This technology enables the automation of complex crowdfunding transactions, such as the distribution of profits and the management of shareholder rights. By embedding smart contracts into transactions, the Dacxi Chain ensures that all parties involved in the crowdfunding process have access to transparent and immutable records of the transaction, which reduces the likelihood of fraud and other malicious activities.

Borderless Platform: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Crowdfunding

Furthermore, the Dacxi Chain leverages the power of blockchain to create a borderless platform that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This means that investors and businesses from all over the world can participate in crowdfunding without the need for intermediaries or the limitations imposed by traditional financial systems. As a result, the Dacxi Chain provides a level playing field for all participants, regardless of their location or financial status, which is crucial for promoting innovation, diversity, and inclusion in the crowdfunding ecosystem.

High Level of Security and Privacy with Blockchain Technology

In addition to these advantages, the Dacxi Chain also provides a high level of security and privacy. Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are encrypted and stored on a decentralized ledger, which makes it virtually impossible for hackers or other malicious actors to tamper with the data. This means that investors can have peace of mind knowing that their investments are secure and protected from fraud or other malicious activities.

Ian Lowe CEO Dacxi on Blockchain: The Defining Moment for Crowdfunding

“We get to a point where blockchain not only could be the game changer for crowdfunding, blockchain is the game changer. It completely reimagines what’s possible through crowdfunding for all participants. And that reimagining is much more in line with, I think, what the world expected crowdfunding could become over a decade ago. So blockchain really is the defining moment for crowdfunding.”

Final Thoughts: Dacxi Chain Paving the Way for a More Equitable Financial System

The Dacxi Chain is truly democratizing investment and empowering global crowdfunding. It is challenging traditional financial institutions by providing a decentralized, trustless platform accessible to everyone. With the ability to embed smart contracts into transactions, handle a large volume of transactions simultaneously, and provide a high level of security and privacy, the Dacxi Chain is redefining the way crowdfunding is done globally. The potential impact of blockchain technology on the global financial system cannot be overstated, and the Dacxi Chain is at the forefront of this transformation. By pioneering the opportunity that blockchain presents for crowdfunding, the Dacxi Chain is paving the way for a more transparent, efficient, and equitable financial system that benefits everyone. As Ian Lowe said, “Blockchain not only could be the game changer for crowdfunding, blockchain is the game changer.” The Dacxi Chain is leading the way in this new era of democratization in finance.

7 Reasons You Should Own Dacxi Coin

This blog outlines how Dacxi Coin (DACXI) serves a specific purpose within the Dacxi Chain ecosystem, facilitating efficient and low-cost transactions for investors worldwide and positioned to play a significant role in the estimated $1 trillion tokenized equity crowdfunding market by 2030, making it a viable investment opportunity with a large potential market and expected growth in demand, all while still being a relatively low-profile coin in its early stages of deployment.

Since its inception in 2018, the Dacxi Chain has been working on developing the world’s first  global crowdfunding network, powered by its utility token, Dacxi Coin (DACXI). Dacxi Chain aims to bridge the gap between early-stage investors from all over the world and entrepreneurs in need of funding to grow their businesses. As the currency of the Dacxi Chain, DACXI plays a vital role in facilitating seamless and secure transactions on this innovative blockchain-enabled platform.

Here are seven reasons why DACXI should be on your radar:

1. Viable Use case: 

Dacxi Coin is the cryptocurrency of an ecosystem with a viable use case. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, which lack a clear use case or real-world application, Dacxi Coin serves a specific purpose within the Dacxi Chain ecosystem. As the currency used for investment transfers and tokenized equity share exchanges, DACXI facilitates efficient and low-cost transactions for investors worldwide.

 2. Large Potential Market: 

The potential market for the Dacxi Chain and therefore use of Dacxi Coin on the network is large. According to IBM Blockchain, tokenized equity crowdfunding is estimated to be worth at least $1 trillion by 2030. As the cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain, DACXI is positioned to play a significant role in this growing market.

3. Growing demand: 

Demand for Dacxi Coin is projected to be in the billions once the Dacxi Chain is in full operation. With the Dacxi Chain still in the early stages of its worldwide deployment, there is ample room for growth in demand for DACXI. As more investors discover the benefits of equity crowdfunding on the Dacxi Chain, the value of DACXI is expected to rise.

4. Liquidity to venture funding: 

The Dacxi Chain introduces liquidity to venture funding. Traditionally, investing in early-stage ventures has been challenging due to a lack of liquidity. However, with the introduction of the Dacxi Chain and DACXI, investors can now buy and sell their tokens on Dacxi Coin exchanges, providing much-needed liquidity to the venture funding market.

5. Experienced Leadership Team: 

The leadership team comes from the digital and financial product business community rather than being developer-centric. Rather than being developer-centric, the team has a background in digital and financial product businesses, providing a strong foundation for the growth and development of the Dacxi Chain ecosystem.

6. Relatively low-profile coin: 

The Dacxi Coin is still a relatively low-profile coin, which is keeping a lid on its current value. Despite its potential and growing demand, DACXI is still a relatively low-profile coin. This means that there is an opportunity for investors to acquire DACXI at a lower price point than other more established cryptocurrencies.

7. Early stages of deployment: 

The Dacxi Chain is in the early stages of its worldwide deployment. As the Dacxi Chain continues its global deployment, there is significant potential for growth in demand for DACXI. As more investors discover the benefits of equity crowdfunding on the Dacxi Chain, the value of DACXI is expected to rise.

If you’re interested in owning Dacxi Coin, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including HitBTC, BitForex, CONSBIT, and the Wealth99 Platform. Investing in DACXI offers you the chance to be part of an ecosystem with a viable use case, a large potential market, and a leadership team with extensive experience in the digital and financial product business community.

To benefit from the potential growth of DACXI, head over to one of these exchanges today.

Dacxi Chain: Disrupting the VC Market with Blockchain-powered Global Crowdfunding

This article examines how Dacxi Chain is revolutionizing startup financing by disrupting the traditional VC market with its blockchain-powered global crowdfunding network.

Over the past decade, startup financing has experienced a significant transformation. The advent of crowdfunding platforms, angel investors, and syndicate deals has disrupted the traditional venture capital (VC) market and opened up new options for entrepreneurs seeking early-stage funding. In fact, the global crowdfunding market is expected to grow to $43 billion by 2028, indicating the success and popularity of this new era of startup financing.

Leading the charge in this era is Dacxi Chain, a global crowdfunding network that connects investors and entrepreneurs in a streamlined experience. Its revolutionary approach to startup financing has the potential to change the way we think about investing in new ideas. Dacxi’s extensive interoperability network is one of its key benefits. It allows entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience of potential investors from different crowdfunding platforms, making it easier to access the funding they need to grow their businesses.

What sets Dacxi apart is its use of blockchain technology to deliver global crowdfunding and overcome the challenges associated with global funding and investment solutions. By tokenizing shares on the blockchain, ownership issues are solved on a global basis. Cryptocurrency allows for instant global multi-currency investments, tokenized shares allow for a global secondary market providing asset liquidity, and four other blockchain applications enhance the network’s functionality.

Despite all the technological innovations, the true power of Dacxi’s global crowdfunding network lies in its ability to provide a trusted solution for raising capital and investing globally. Its decentralized nature means local platforms are regulated, ensuring the crowd can trust that they will be supported.

“Crowdfunding and blockchain technology are two of the most disruptive forces in modern finance. By combining these two innovations, Dacxi Chain is shaking up the traditional venture capital market and paving the way for a new era of startup financing. With our blockchain-powered global crowdfunding solution, we’re making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to access the funding they need to turn their ideas into reality. Dacxi Chain is not just a network, it’s a movement that’s changing the way we invest in new ideas and democratizing access to capital.”  – Fernando Pacheco, Chief Product Officer at Dacxi Chain.

Final Thoughts 

Dacxi Chain is disrupting the VC market by providing a viable pathway to funding through its global crowdfunding network. Its use of blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and efficiency in the crowdfunding process. Entrepreneurs can tap into a wider pool of potential investors, making funding more accessible than ever. Dacxi is at the forefront of the transformation of startup financing and is poised to change the way we invest in new ideas, paving the way for a new era of startup financing.

Dacxi Chain's Global Crowdfunding Network: Revolutionizing Early-Stage Funding for Niche Industries

This article explores how Dacxi Chain’s global crowdfunding network facilitates the scaling of crowdfunding businesses, granting niche industries access to a larger pool of domain-knowledgeable investors.

The Benefits of Crowdfunding

The advent of crowdfunding has revolutionized the way startups and entrepreneurs raise capital. It offers access to a broader pool of potential investors, democratizing the process and providing more options for entrepreneurs to secure funding. However, scaling crowdfunding remains a significant challenge, particularly in niche industries that require specialized knowledge to invest with confidence.

Dacxi Chain’s Solution

Dacxi Chain’s global crowdfunding network aims to address the scaling challenges in specialist crowdfunding segments. By networking all the crowdfunding companies together, a global network of independent crowdfunding companies will have access to hundreds of thousands of sector specialists. This network effect enables the scaling of crowdfunding businesses, providing specialist segments, such as biotech, with access to more investors who understand their technology.

The Due Diligence Issue

One of the challenges of crowdfunding is due diligence. Venture capitalists have the luxury of spending time with executives and analyzing all the facts about a company. Crowdfunding investors, on the other hand, must rely on the crowdfunding platform to conduct due diligence, which may not be enough for them to invest confidently, especially if they lack domain knowledge.

Dacxi Chain’s Unique Advantage

This is where Dacxi Chain’s global crowdfunding network provides a unique advantage. Dentists will understand dental opportunities, farmers will understand agricultural opportunities, and e-commerce professionals will understand e-commerce opportunities. These specialists do not require much information to analyze the business opportunity, making the rest of the deal much more straightforward. The global network of independent crowdfunding companies will have access to hundreds of thousands of sector specialists, making it easier for them to analyze business opportunities.

Ian Lowe, CEO of Dacxi Chain, on the Power of Networks

“At Dacxi Chain, we believe in the power of networks. By connecting crowdfunding companies around the world, we are able to tap into a vast network of specialist investors who understand specific industries and can help to scale early-stage funding for growth businesses. Our global crowdfunding network is designed to make the process of raising capital more accessible, faster, and more efficient for entrepreneurs who are seeking to take their businesses to the next level.”

Final Thoughts

Dacxi Chain’s global crowdfunding network addresses the scaling challenges in specialist crowdfunding segments by connecting all crowdfunding companies. The network effect of being connected to other crowdfunding companies worldwide allows for the scaling of crowdfunding businesses, giving specialist segments, such as biotech, access to a broader pool of investors who possess the domain knowledge to invest confidently. With Dacxi Chain’s innovative use of web3 and blockchain technology, global crowdfunding is set to become more efficient, faster, and better scalable, revolutionizing early-stage funding for niche industries.

The Network Effect of the Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Chain is a global crowdfunding network that aims to make raising capital more accessible, faster, and more efficient. This article explores how it can scale crowdfunding businesses through network effects.

Crowdfunding has become an essential source of funding for businesses around the world. It allows entrepreneurs to raise capital from a large number of individuals who are interested in their ideas and products. However, crowdfunding can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That’s where Dacxi Chain comes in. Dacxi Chain is a global crowdfunding network that aims to make the process of raising capital more accessible, faster, and more efficient. In this article, we will explore how the Dacxi Chain network can scale crowdfunding businesses using the network effect of being connected to other crowdfunding companies globally.

Part 1: The Network Effect of Crowdfunding

The network effect is a phenomenon where the value of a network increases as more users join it. This applies to crowdfunding because the more crowdfunding companies that are connected to the Dacxi Chain network, the more valuable the network becomes for both investors and businesses seeking funding. With more companies on the network, investors have access to a larger pool of investment opportunities, and businesses have access to a larger pool of potential investors.

The network effect can also help to increase the speed and efficiency of crowdfunding campaigns. As more investors and businesses join the network, the process of matching investors with businesses becomes faster and more automated. This can help to reduce the time and cost of running a crowdfunding campaign.

Part 2: The Benefits of a Global Pool of Investors

The Dacxi Chain network can connect businesses with investors from all over the world. This provides a number of benefits, including access to more capital and a wider range of investment opportunities. With a global pool of investors, businesses can raise more money and diversify their investor base.

The network can also help to facilitate cross-border investments and make it easier for businesses to expand globally. For example, a business in the United States could use the Dacxi Chain network to connect with investors in Asia or Europe. This could help the business to expand its operations and tap into new markets.

Part 3: The Benefits of a Global Pool of Ideas

The Dacxi Chain network can also connect businesses with other crowdfunding companies from around the world. This creates a global pool of ideas, including access to new markets, technologies, and business models. This can help businesses to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

The network can also facilitate collaboration and innovation among crowdfunding companies and their clients. For example, a business on the network could collaborate with another business on a new product or service. This could help to bring new ideas to market faster and more efficiently.

Part 4: Scaling Crowdfunding Businesses with the Dacxi Chain Network

The key benefits of the Dacxi Chain network for crowdfunding businesses include access to a global pool of investors and a global pool of ideas. This can help businesses to raise more money, diversify their investor base, and innovate more quickly.

The network can also help to lower the costs and risks of crowdfunding campaigns. By automating the matching process between investors and businesses, the network can reduce the need for manual processes and lower the costs of running a crowdfunding campaign.


In conclusion, the Dacxi Chain global crowdfunding network offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to raise capital and grow their operations. By connecting businesses with a global pool of investors and ideas, the network can help businesses to innovate, diversify their investor base, and expand into new markets. We encourage readers to explore the Dacxi Chain network and discover its potential for themselves. With the network effect in full force, the future of crowdfunding looks bright.

The Dacxi Chain and Dacxi Coin in 2023

2022 was the catalyst year for the Dacxi Chain. 

By the beginning of 2022, it was clear that the tokenization of financial assets using Blockchain technology was being embraced by every major financial institution and government around the world. 

This transformational technology will fundamentally change how we own, trade, and secure all financial assets. From shares on stock exchanges to bonds, funds, and patents, right through to precious metals and unlisted company shares. So now, the discussion has turned to where and how to apply the technology, and what solutions we can derive from it.

What does this mean for the Dacxi Chain?

For us, the evolution to mainstream acceptance allowed us to refine our thinking from our original strategy, which was first conceptualised back in 2017. Now, rather than launching the Dacxi Chain’s crowdfunding platform in different countries with different partners, the Dacxi Chain will create an interoperable ecosystem of established licenced equity crowdfunding platforms around the world. This creates the world’s first global crowdfunding network. 

A decentralised approach like this is simpler, faster, and smarter. It allows equity crowdfunding organisations to focus on growing their own business by plugging into a global investor network. As a result, equity crowdfunding companies will be allowed to secure more deals with greater velocity, and access growth capital at a significantly greater scale. 

What does this mean for Dacxi Coin?

The interoperability of our crowdfunding platform partners creates a global ecosystem. This ecosystem will be powered by our native cryptocurrency, Dacxi coin. It’s Dacxi Coin that holds the value of the ecosystem. We’ve invested years of effort into pioneering the unique technology that allows crowdfunding platforms around the world to connect with each other and interact. It’s a network that requires speed, simplicity, and most importantly, security. This enables it to deal with investors and issuers from different countries around the world, each with their own unique currency, language, rules, and regulations. 

2023 will be a foundational year for the Dacxi Chain.

We already know there are a vast number of great businesses looking for investment. And there are as many as 100 million investors looking to invest in high-growth, high-potential private companies. And 2023 will be a big year for all of them. This year, we will:

  • Name our foundation partners and launch the platform
  • Announce and execute the first deals via the platform 
  • Establish the Dacxi Chain as the world leader
  • And finally, create strong growth momentum. 

The Dacxi Chain will not deal directly with each individual investor or issuer. Rather – much like the old Intel Inside powered the PC revolution – the Dacxi Chain will power the entire ecosystem. 

We are under no illusion as to the challenge of building this global network. 

Every potential crowdfunding partner can see the global scale we can offer, which would otherwise be unachievable. But every partner also has unique requirements. 2023 will reveal those requirements and the challenges of meeting them. Fortunately, we have a very experienced team – more than capable of handling these complexities and more.  

2023 will reveal the true future potential of global crowdfunding.

We believe that the future holds thousands of deals, millions of investors, and billions of dollars worth of investments. How? With the Dacxi Chain – which will use blockchain to tokenize share ownership, and use Dacxi Coin to create a secure global payment system between investors and issuers. 

We cannot accurately predict year-end numbers for 2023. But we’re very confident in a successful launch, and look forward to another year of establishing our growth trajectory and proving our leadership. Together, this provides the intrinsic value that underpins Dacxi Coin. We expect to list Dacxi Coin on tier-one exchanges this year. This makes 2023 the Dacxi Chain’s – and Dacxi Coin’s – most important and exciting year yet.

As for me? I’m really looking forward to sharing more major announcements and keeping you updated throughout the year. Thanks so much for reading, and here’s to a bright and successful 2023. 


Best regards,
Ian Lowe, Dacxi CEO 

At the beginning of the year, it’s become a Dacxi tradition to share what we expect for the year ahead in each part of the business. And as our community and investor base continues to grow, we’re pleased to share our long-term 2023 view for the Dacxi Chain and Dacxi Coin

Dacxi Chain: A look back at 2022

We had a strong year in 2022, establishing many foundational activities and partnerships for the Dacxi Chain. CEO, Ian Lowe shares some accomplishments for the year and our ambitions for 2023.

As we near the end of what has been an otherwise tumultuous year in crypto, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate not just our resilience but the incredible progress we’ve made at Dacxi Chain in 2022 and share our excitement for what’s to come in 2023.


Dacxi Chain Launch and Leadership

As you may know, after five years of hard work from many talented and passionate people, we’re on the cusp of launching our groundbreaking project, Dacxi Chain, which will pioneer and lead the charge in Global Crowdfunding.

For those unfamiliar with crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding is a capital-raising strategy used by early-stage companies to raise capital by selling shares to a large pool of retail investors, while blockchain technology helps facilitate this process by tokenizing shares and allowing for global distribution.

With our team of experts and cutting-edge technology, we expect to have developed a strong network of crowdfunding partners by the end of 2023, making Dacxi Chain the leader in the industry. This development was no mean feat, and we should all be proud of what we’ve achieved, because what comes next will be truly groundbreaking.


Educational Resources

In addition to our work on Dacxi Chain, we have also made significant updates to our online presence and educational resources. Our new website,, features our latest whitepaper and litepaper, and we will soon be releasing the inaugural Global Crowdfunding Regulatory Report for 2023. We have also been hosting monthly updates and educational webinars, with recordings available for those who were unable to attend.

Our community for Dacxi Coin continues to thrive, with over 100,000 members on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram — please do join us if you haven’t already,  we are always eager to answer questions and provide support.


Equity Crowdfunding Week 2022

In November, I attended Equity Crowdfunding Week in Los Angeles. Speakers at the conference shared their insights on the future of investing. It was a tremendously exciting and affirming experience that confirmed that we are at the right time and right place with the Dacxi Chain. You can read what the experts said and why the Dacxi Chain perfectly aligns with their vision here. You can watch my video broadcast from the event here or listen to my interview on the ‘Unleashed’ podcast here.


Our Dacxi Development Team Gathered in London for a Global Summit

As we head into 2023, the Dacxi dev team is working hard to bring the Dacxi Chain to the world. We continue to build on commercial partnerships, as well as strengthen our product offering. Last month the dev team came together from all over the world, including Brazil, Australia and the UK for a collaboration meeting. The main agenda of this meeting was to discuss our protocols, roadmaps, and basically all things Dacxi Chain related. This was, in fact, one of the few times where many of the members actually were able to meet face to face despite being all around the globe. Product Officer Fernando Pacheco shares his reflections from this summit. You can hear it here.


Dacxi Coin

The Dacxi Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain and has the potential to become a top 20 cryptocurrency by value, due to its primary use as the transactional currency for moving investments globally from investors to deal issuers. Unlike so many other crypto-coins, Dacxi Coin has a clear use case in one of the most important sectors of the Tokenized Asset sector.

As the leading project in the rapidly growing tokenized asset sector, which is predicted to become a US$1 trillion sector according to organizations like HSBC, IBM, and the RBA, we expect the Dacxi Coin to gain significant market interest with the launch of our chain and further listings.

As we enter 2023, we have high expectations for the future of Dacxi Chain and the impact it will have on the world of innovation funding. By democratizing investments and providing wealth-creating opportunities to people around the globe, we hope to bring hope and opportunity to communities everywhere.

Thank you for your support and we hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration.


Best regards,
Ian Lowe, Dacxi CEO