An interconnected and secure Global Crowdfunding Network.


White Paper

A full and detailed summary of the original Dacxi Chain system.


Light Paper

An updated and easy-read version of the White Paper.

An interconnected Ecosystem

The Dacxi Chain is a global crowdfunding network, powered by blockchain technology. Using tokenization, the Dacxi Chain creates digital versions of company shares which can be quickly and easily bought and sold by anyone, any time, anywhere.
This worldwide ecosystem will connect millions of potential investors with thousands of deals from across the globe.

And it’s built on blockchain-based solutions.

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Blockchain Application

The 7 blockchain-based solutions behind the Dacxi Chain.

Trustless equity custody

Tokenization of equity ownership

International investor verification (KYC)

Cryptocurrency-based global payments

Trustless transactions

Trustless share registry

Network of tokenized secondary exchanges

Technology Stack

The Dacxi Chain is based on a 3-layered technology stack, designed to solve the current crowdfunding model’s biggest flaws.

The global information system

  • Where deals are created and launched onto globally-linked platforms
  • Deals are made available across multiple languages and countries
  • Information is shared, updated and requested
  • 10,000s of investment deals can be launched globally each year
  • Past deals are managed for investors.
Application Layer

The transfer of ownerships and payments

  • Where investments are made and managed
  • Investors have their own highly secure regulated account 
  • Global investments can be made in their own currency
  • Equity investments are presented for management
  • Multiple systems are put in place to tokenize deals, secure equity backing, produce smart contracts, guarantee token-money exchange, facilitate secondary trading and global crypto-payments in countless local currencies.
Transaction Layer

The verification of ownerships and transactions

  • Where ownership of equity tokens, crypto-currencies, transactions and other blockchain processes are conducted
  • Where Dacxi Blockchain staking, node management and fee transactions are completed.
Blockchain Layer
Layer Development

Layer 1

The Dacxi Chain is initially being developed using a general Layer 1 blockchain (Ethereum) and US stablecoin payment structure. This allows for core technology systems to be thoroughly proven before the introduction of Dacxi’s custom-built blockchain and payment system.

Layer 2

Dacxi has been pioneering the technology required to build the Dacxi Chain since 2017, with our team of in-house tech specialists writing and owning all base code. Created in IBM Hyperledger, the Dacxi Chain’s blockchain is crafted for maximum effectiveness and security.

Achieving Scale

Like the manufacture of electric vehicles, ‘scaling’ is the most complex and difficult stage of the Dacxi Chain’s development. Dacxi has spent years ensuring its core technology can handle thousands of deals and millions of transactions – from every country, language, and currency.


Exciting new developments are coming in 2023 and beyond.

The launch of Dacxi Chain v1.0 officially kicked off in 2018, with the creation of Dacxi Coin.
Today, work is continuing to pioneer the internal management systems needed to power the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding system.
For more on the game-changing developments ahead, explore the Dacxi Chain roadmap.

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